Arrival of Saurya Airlines in Nepalese Aviation

By NepFlights
18 Aug 2014

There are less than half dozens of airlines which are efficiently flying above the Nepalese sky in the recent time including Buddha Air, NAC, Simrik Air, Tara Air and Yeti Airlines. In the list Saurya Airlines is about to make its debut with the very sophisticated Canadian aircraft “Bombardier CRJ-200 “. Quite good news for the Nepalese Aviation, it is the first Jet plane which will cover 5 different sectors of Nepal (Dhangadi, Nepalgunj, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar and Bharatpur). According to its official website airlines will also operate Mountain flights and Chartered flights. With the capacity of 54 seats CRJ-200 will be flying in Nepalese sky from the first week of September. The CRJ200 can cruise up to 41,000 feet and it is among the quietest jets in its class, both inside and outside also it is comfortable and most environmentally friendly commercial jet aircraft.

Facts and Specs about Bombardier CRJ-200

Number of Engines:2
Engine Type:GE CF34-3B1
Total Seats:50
Seat SpecsSeat Configuration: 2×2
Seat Width: 17.3″
Seat Pitch: 31″
Recline: 8 degrees
Typical Cruising Altitude:37,000 ft.
Typical Cruising Speed:515 mph
Cabin Pressure:Maximum 8.4 pounds per square inch
Aisle Width:Main Cabin: 16″
Aft Cargo Door Opening:Height: 33″
Width: 41″
Acceptable Kennel Sizes:Type 400 series or smaller:
Width: 24″
Height: 26″
Depth: 36″

Bombardier CRJ-200 Storage

Under SeatMain Cabin33”16”10.5”
Overhead BinMain Cabin52.5”14”9.5”




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  1. Sefa Tuncer says:

    happy Landings.

    1. Bivechan says:

      Yes Indeed. A new start in Nepalese Aviation history. Fly the Jet way.

  2. Binny says:

    All the best,,,:)

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