Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Nepal

By NepFlights
23 Feb 2016


“Live like there`s no tomorrow”. There tons and tons of thing to do in this world but you have only one life time. The right time to do anything is now, there`s never a better time afterwards. If you crave for a once in a life time experience, then no doubt Bungee could be the best option for you. With its history dating back to April 1st1979, Bungee is among the most preferred adventure sport.

Best time for Bungee jumping in pokhara

Bungee simply involves jumping from structures like building, bridge, cranes etc. which are at a significant height, being tied to an elastic rope. The thrill that comes from the free fall is enough to trigger your senses to neuron level. Bungee are also practiced from aircrafts flying at significant height.

With the highest Bungee location in the world, Bungee is getting immense popularity in Nepal. The blend of natural beauties and the thrill of adventure sports makes Nepal an ideal adventure location. Having deep Canyons, George and high hills and mountains, Bungee is no doubt best suited for Nepal.With Bhotekoshi Bungee, being the first of its type to operate bungee in Nepal, the immense popularity of Bungee has attracted investors to operate Bungees in various locations within Nepal. At present the Bungee location creating much buzz is Pokhara Bungee location. Operated by Highground Adventures, the organization takes pride in itself on being the Nepal`s First and only tower Bungee. With The bungee location being situated at an easily accessible location, much nearer to Pokhara Lakeside, the delight of mountains and the view of nature with the thrill of Bungee are the key reason towards its increasing popularity.

Time and research has made Bungee the safest adventure sports, with no records of fatal accidents till this date. Pokhara Highground Bungee has left no stones unturned in case of safety and luxury of their customers. Being set-upped and operated by highly trained and professional Jump masters, Pokhara Bungee has the best technology and optimum quality cords used.

Get set for Pokhara cause the thrill of your life is waiting for you.

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