My Expereince of First time Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa

By NepFlights
22 Jun 2015

This is the first time kathmandu – Bhairahawa flying story of Santosh Shrestha”

Details of Kathmandu to Bhairahawa Sector :

Kathmandu is my working place but i am permanent residence of Butwal, which was my birth palce. My parents lives there. As a office guy, I don’t have much holiday to frequently travel to my home. So I usually go there on festival like Dashain & Tihar. Most of time i travel by bus or bike. But last week, i got call from my home, my parents expecting me for some important works to be done. As it was the peak time for closing, i can’t ask my office to take long holiday so i decided to take 1 and half day leave and will take flight.

Before it, i never fly from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa(but it doesn’t means my first time flight, last year my i fly from kathmandu to biratnagar for some office duties.) But it was first flight to Bhairahawa.

Read this if you are flying for first time


i thought to book flight from travel agency so i asked my friends if they know some agencies, one my friend suggest to book online, he gave me link . It was cool and easy, i search and see the cost and time appropriate for my time(I was looking for last flight for day). i have never done any online booking previously, so i searched other travel agencies in google and call one of them.

Lady pick my call and i asked her to book the flight for the day, she took time (i think she was searching in her computer) She said me the last flight was 4:30 pm on Buddha Air and the cheapest price is 4780. But i asked  her that is expensive to me, Is she can find the cheapest one (as i already checked rate in, the cheapest i found was 3200.) then she suggest me if i can do 8:30, she can manage. Finally i said i can’t go with both option, she suggest if i come to her office she will try to manage cost to some level. I said i will consider.

Then i realize if i didn’t check online, i would pay expensive. I decided to go online. I have no online payment so i choose Cash on Delivery, after 2 mins i got call from the guy called Manish. He was calling me to confirm my ticket and give me some offline payment option. i like the option to pay on bank near me.

Usually it take 6-8 hours on bus/bike, for first time i reach Bhairahawa at around half hour. I took bus from airport (lumbini road) to Buddhachowk and then Local micro from Bhairahawa to Butwal. It was something different feeling.


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