By prakash
15 Mar 2019

Travel to Manthali Airport 


Distance:132km approx.                                                   Time : 4hrs drive.

Pick Up :5hrs prior to flight time.Flight time: 6:00am from RCH to 10:00am

If your kathmandu to lukla flight has already confimed and falls in the duration of April 1sttill June 30th then your flight is to be diverted from Ramechhap to Lukla instead of kathmandu.Journey start from kathmandu almost 5hrs prior to flight time, almost around 1-2am to 4 am in the morning from kathamdu to reach manthali airport depending on the departure of your flight from RCH-LUA.
Pick up from Hotel / Pickup location would be selected from where the journey start to the airport. It would take 30min to reach Bhaktapur and almost an hour to reach Dhulikhel from where you would head towards BP highway famously known as Sindhuli road. On your way is the Bhakundebesi which is mostly know for brick manufacturing. You can have a tea break in either Mulkot or Manthali if there are any option available.

OVERNIGHT STAY : Only standard hotel available at Mulkot,Khurkot and Manthali.Do not expect much & almost are overbooked.

If you like to avoid the midnight transfer to Airport then overnight stay at Mulkot, Khurkot or even Manthali seems to be the better choices. Mulkot has one of the best accomodation among all three ranging from $25- $45 per room without B&B plan. Manthali has least hotel with less facilities so its best to avoid the stay in Manthali. Some tent might be availble if requested earlier but let us remind it really hot during day-time in Manthali, since its just arround 450m elevation from sea level.

From Manthali Bazzar it would take 15min to reach airport.Airport is not that managed and has less occupancy rate as well. Keep in mind you have to get adjusted even for waiting in line.Since its located in lap of mountains, you can see each airlines flying in & out.

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