Top 5 Places to Fly in Nepal

By NepFlights
16 Dec 2014

Ever thought about flying in Nepal? We’ve listed, top 5 places to fly in Nepal

People love to visit Nepal to enjoy the natural beauty and the culture it encompasses. It’s crystal clear that how rich Nepal is considered for it, despite of its size and structure. But due to the geographical difficulties and diversities, for most area people need to take flights to reach there.Here are the top 5 places where people fly the most, according to the research done by Nepflights. The research was done on 30,000 search which was performed in the last 6 months where people searched the sector they’d love to fly the most.

1) Pokhara

top five places to Fly in Nepal


The record shows the major reason for people coming to Nepal is for holiday, the natural beauty, adventure and many other things. In the list Pokhara comes straight forward than any other places to spend some good time in Nepal. As per the research, 8441 choose Pokhara, where they’d love to fly. Throughout the flight, people can enjoy the thrilling view of various mountains including Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Manaslu and many more. The Government has approved for upgrading the “Pokhara Regional International Airport” which has ignite the hope of easy flight to pokhara who’d really love to fly there.

2) Lukla

Top 5 places to Fly in Nepal


Tenzing-Hillary Airport is the smallest and known as “The Most Dangerous Airport in the World”. People, who visit Nepal for Adventure purpose, choose Lukla as their first destination where they’d love to fly. Lukla is the gate way or the transit for the world’s tallest Mountain, Mt.Everest. As other means of transportation is difficult and time consuming, flight is the best way to reach there. But due to the possibility in unexpected and abrupt changes in the weather condition, flights are only possible on day light and favorable weather condition. As the result, Lukla has faced the most flight cancellation in the year 2014. Total of 4621 search were done to find the flights for Lukla (As per our research).

 3) Biratnagar

Top 5 places to fly in nepal


Biratnagar is the second largest city of Nepal and 395.5km far from the capital, Kathmandu. Biratnagar is not a typical touristic city but is a great hub to explore the interesting places in eastern Nepal like Illam. However, there are many things to do in the city. One can stroll along the unique market that is along a straight road and branches out and savor the street food. A number of colorful Haat Bazaars (weekly markets) are held each week in different parts of the town, where farmers from the rural hinterland set up stalls to trade agricultural produce, spices and handicrafts. Biratnagar Airport has frequent flights to Kathmandu and other airports inside Nepal. It is the regional hub for the eastern part of the country. In last 6 months there were 2498 interest come to fly for this place.

 4) Bhairahawa

Top 5 places to fly in Nepal


Most people fly to Bhairahawa because it has got the nearest airport to reach Lumbini – The Birth Place of Lord Gautama Buddha. Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal. Many people fly to Bhairahawa because Bhairahawa airport is also the nearest airport from Indian Border. Lumbini is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It obviously attracts many tourists from all over the world. Ancient sandstone sculptures within the temple depict scenes from the birth of the Buddha. The feeling of spiritual relief and satisfaction that one gets in such a calm and peaceful place is liberating and unforgettable. This has been attested to by a myriad of visitors from all over the world.

5) Jomsom

top 5 places to fly in nepal

Jomsom Flight

Jomsom is the town located at an altitude of 2800m in Mustang District. As the district headquarters, it is primarily an administrative and commercial center with government officials and merchants rubbing shoulders with the local residents of the region, known as Thakalis. Many People love to visit here because of the trail which follows the Kali Gandaki River which forms the deepest ravine in the world; on one side lies the Annapurna mountain range and on the other side is Dhaulagiri. It is the gate way to Muktinath, a holy site of temples sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus for centuries. Jomsom trek is among the tamest areas, with excellent lodges lining the main routes. Jomsom Airport is the airport which serves the local people and the tourists who fly there.

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