Flight From kathmandu to Lamidanda

By NepFlights
27 Jan 2016

Flight from Kathmandu to Lamidanda Information


Airport nameLamidada Airportt
Airport typePublic
IATA/airport codeLDM
LocationKhotang (district), Sagarmatha (Zone), Nepal
AirlinesTara airlines and Nepal airlines
Free baggage20 depending on the type of ticket and the airlines.
AirfareNPR/USD 3630/133
Flight durationabout 35 minutes

Information in Detail

Lamidanda is a historical and religious place of Nepal. It is located in Khotang district of Sagarmatha zone. It lies in the attitude of 4100 ft above sea level and is 142 km east from Kathmandu. Lamidanda is the gateway to Halesi Mahadev which is the most sacred and religious place of Eastern Nepal.

Why Do People Travel to Lamidanda?

Despite being one of the Nepal’s sacred place for Hindu and Buddhists, Khotang is also famous place for tourism. People from different places usually come to visit Halesi Mahadev which is four hour far (through bus) from Lamidanda airport. Surrounding Halesi Mahadev filled with greenery and rituals sites so various people as well as families travel here. People travelling here can find places for mind relaxation and also religious purposes. Khotang is favorite place for trekking in Nepal as well, because of inhabitant of different cultural group of people live in here. Not only have that, the popular Dudh koshi river of Nepal also flow by this district. Travelers travelling through Khotang get chance to view different mountain ranges.

Lifestyle and Climate

Different social and cultural groups of people including Brahmins and Sherpa live here. There are many Gorkha soldiers whose habitat is in this district. People of different caste have different culture which helps to attract tourists. Climate of Lamidanda is as normal as of Kathmandu. So travelers usually don’t have problem caused from climatic change. This place is full of greenery and is very suitable place for peace loving people. As travelling from bus is exhausted and difficult therefore People usually travel through airplanes. Some airlines have been providing travelling service to Lamidanda such as; Tara Airlines,  Nepal Airlines are some of them which have been providing cheap and comfort services. As travelling is important part of life Lamidanda and some place near it is the important place to travel.

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