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14 Jun 2022

Rara is a beautiful village in Nepal popular for its exquisite national park, gorgeous lakes inside the park, and captivating landscapes. The village lies in north-western Nepal and is located in the Mugu district of Karnali zone, Nepal. It is one of the most attractive places to visit for both foreign and local tourists. 

Overview for kathmandu to Rara flights

Rara National Park is the smallest national park in Nepal. It was established in the year 1976 and is spread over two districts Mugu and Jumla with a total area of 106 km2. People come to visit the national park to observe the scenery, unique flora and fauna, and especially the lake “Rara lake or the Mahendra Tal”. The lake is special due to its altitude of 2,990. It is the biggest and the deepest lake in Nepal with a water surface of 10.8 km2 and a depth of 167 m. The length of the lake is 5.1 km and the width is 2.7 km.

According to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation of Nepal, Rara National park has over 1700 species of flora. Some examples of these are fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, hemlock, oak, juniper, and spruce. Similarly, the park is also the home of over 20 mammals such as deer, Himalayan black bear, Leopard, Jackal, Himalayan tahr, Yellow-throated marten, Otter, Wild dog, Rhesus macaque, and Red panda. Besides, the park also consists of 214 different bird species. 

Now, talking about the Rara airport, it is also called Talcha Airport and is situated in Nepal’s urban municipality ‘Chhayanath Rara’ in Mugu District, Karnali Province. The airport was built in the year 1975. 


Kathmandu to Rara flights information

There are two options for a flight from Kathmandu to Rara. the first one is Kathmandu to Nepaljung airport and the second one is Kathmandu to Surkhet airport. 

Among the two options, Kathmandu to Nepaljung flight is the most popular one. Once you land in Nepaljung from Kathmandu, you can fly to Talcha airport. Talcha Airport is also called Rara airport. This is the most popular, easiest, and shortest way to visit Rara as there are no other means of transportation besides this. The flight duration from Kathmandu to Nepaljung is around 50 minutes and Nepaljung to Talcha airport is about 40 minutes. 

Besides, you can also choose to fly from Kathmandu airport to Surkhet or Birendranagar Airport. This might take you around 1 hour and 5 minutes of duration. After that, you can take the Surkhet airport to Talcha airport flight. This might take you around 38 minutes of duration. 

The flights are available on several airlines like Sita Airlines, Tara Airlines, and Summit Airlines. 


Trip to Rara from Kathmandu

Flying from Kathmandu airport to Nepalgunj airport is the most comfortable and briefest way to get to Rara. If you choose the other way, you will have to fly for almost 15 minutes more. Besides, Surkhet to Talcha flights only operates thrice a week. On the days when flights are not available from Surkhet to Rara, you can choose to trek which will take you around 10-15 days depending on your trekking speed. 


1.How much does it cost to go to Rara Lake?

Assuming your alone choice of transportation to be flight and private transport, it might cost you anywhere around US $180. 

2.How long does Rara Lake take?

The duration of the visit differs on your choice of airport (Nepaljung or Surkhet). If you choose to fly from Kathmandu to Nepaljung to Talcha, it will take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes(flight duration only). Whereas if you choose to fly from Kathmandu to Surkhet to Talcha, it will take you around 1 hour 45 minutes(flight duration only). 

 3.What is another name for Rara Lake?

Another name for Rara Lake is Mahendra Tal which is named in the Nepali language. 

 4.What is the best time to visit Rara Lake?

You can visit Rara as per your preference however, the most pleasant time could be summer, in the month of September, October, April, and May Besides, in the winter, Rara is too cold. 

5.What are the essentials while visiting Rara National Park?

Rara National Park has no lodging facilities or health posts nearby. Hence, travelers better contact their travel agency for the housing facility, and the visitors better bring their first-aid kit as well. 


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