Flight From Pokhara to Janakpur

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28 Jan 2016
Airport nameJanakpur airport
Airport typePublic
IATA/airport codeJKR
Elevation AMSL243 ft
LocationDhanusha District, Madhesh Province, Nepal
AirlinesBuddha Airline
AirfareNRS 4500
Flight duration45 minutes

Pokhara to Janakpur Flights

Currently there is only one airline flying from Pokhara to Janakpur and that is Buddha Air. Buddha air is a domestic airline in Nepal. The flight route from Pokhara to Janakpur is short and convenient. Janakpur is situated in the Dhanusha District of  Madhesh Province in Nepal. Additionally, Janakpur is also known as Janakpur Dham and is popular for the ‘Janaki temple’. Janakpur is the birthplace of the Hindu goddess ‘Sita’ and the Janaki temple was built as a tribute to her. The construction of this religious monument was completed in the year 1967. As a result, this place carries a distinct religious and historic significance. Besides, Janakpur also represents Maithili culture, a beautiful ethnic civilization. 

If you are willing to visit Janakpur from Pokhara, flying is the fastest and the most convenient way. Let us discuss the flight information from Pokara to Janakpur in the ‘Flight information’ section below:


Pokhara to Janakpur flight information

Buddha airlines is the only Domestic airline that flies from Pokhara to Janakpur. There are no other flights to Janakpur from any other airlines. The duration of the flight is around 45 minutes. Buddha air flies thrice a week from Pokhara to Janakur. Fur the accurate time of flight, you can check out the flight details on the official website of Buddha air. The flight price starts from Rs.4500 and differs according to the time and festive seasons. 

Flight details

AirlineBuddha air
Flight CostNRs.4500 onwards
Flight duration45 minutes


1.How much weight can I carry while traveling?

You can carry free baggage of around 15kgs to 20kgs while traveling. 

2.Which domestic airlines fly from Pokhara to Janakpur?

Currently, only one domestic airline, ‘Buddha air’ is flying from Pokhara to Janakpur.

3.What are the major attractions of Janakpur?

  • Janaki Mandir,
  • Ram Mandir,  
  • Beautiful architectural temple ‘Shree Ram Janaki Biwaha Mandap’
  • Holy pond of Ganga Sagar 
  • Dhanushadham Protected Forest

4.Is flying to Janakpur hot?

The humidity of Janakpur depends upon the weather and season. During the winters, Janakpur is mostly cloudy. Besides, in the summertime, Janakpur is clear however hot. Talking to the statistics, Janakpur varies from 50°F to 98°F and is seldom exceeds 105°F or comes below 46°F.


Instruction on How to Book Flight from Pokhara to Janakpur

  1. Go to www.nepflights.com
  2. Select the sector Pokhara to Kathmandu
  3. Book Ticket for Pokhara to Kathmandu
  4. Back to www.nepflights.com and select sector Kathmandu to Janakpur
  5. Book Ticket for Kathmandu to Janakpur

In this process you will book 2 different ticket/sector independently.

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