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By NepFlights
12 Apr 2015

Newyear is a time to re-energize, Newyear is a time to forget the past deed and march forward a new beginning. The best thing to do for a Newyear is to commit a resolution that you need to work on throughout the year and make it happen in reality.

The resolution should be something productive, something that has the potential of bringing a brighter future. We Nepalese have a common belief that, if we start our year with good deeds and happiness, then the whole year will be as good as the first day.

Taking this belief in consideration, let’s start our Newyear 2072 with a fruitful, patriotic deeds. We all might have once faced a situation, where we feel difficulties in introducing foreigners to our country, our national identity. There are different genuine facts about Nepal that are being manipulated by various hoax spreading medias, which ultimately leads to wrong information to the global community. Social Medias have become the integral part of our life. If used in an effective manners, Social Medias now have the potentiality of bring up a revolution.


This Newyear lets make the best use of socials media and start the first day of Newyear by doing something to promote Nepal in global community. Let’s give world reason to visit Nepal. Land Of Gurkhas, Land Of Mount Everest, Birthplace of Buddha, 2nd richest country in water resources are some unique identities of Nepal. So let`s make the whole world know about it by using #WhyVisitNepal tag for a whole day on 1st Baishak,2072 from 12 AM to 12 PM, with a specific unique reason to visit Nepal. Unity among us has been successful in overcoming huge obstacles in the past, so let this unity again result in a trending topic in the world.


  1. Open your social medias like Twitter,Facebook etc. on 1st Bhaishak,2072
  2. Join the event
  3. Post on Facebook and also Tweet on Twitter, a unique identity about Nepal as a reason to visit Nepal, with #WhyVisitNepal throughout the day ie. from 12 AM to 12 PM.
  4. Share this noble cause with your friends and insist them too, to promote and be the part of this campaign.

Example: Nepal, The Land Of Brave Gurkhas #whyvisitnepal.






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