8 things you shouldn’t miss while you are in Nepal

By NepFlights
10 Apr 2015
Mount Everest

Mount Everest

1) Range of Mountains including Highest Peak of the World

Perhaps you know Mt. Everest is in Nepal but this might also be exciting to know 8 from the 10 top mountains are in Nepal. You can see all at once without climbing there. 1 hour morning Mountain flights can make you feel of climbing mountains which can be the best moments of your life.

Temples in Kathmandu, Nepal

Temples in Kathmandu, Nepal


2) Architecture of temples inside Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal is also known as city of temples. Thousand of old temples, historic architecture and culture are calling million of people everyday to visit Nepal. Visit in different Pagoda style temples which consist of carved woods and sculpture. Explore different kinds of mysteries about temples for the purpose of their invention.

City of Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

City of Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

3) City of Lakes, Pokhara

Pokhara is the heaven where you can see Mountains, Lakes and thrilling view of Pokhara Valley. The only city in Nepal that consists of seven beautiful lakes in one place. This is like the starting point of most adventures trails.

World's Tallest Zipflyer in the world, at Pokhara

World’s Tallest Zipflyer in the world, at Pokhara

4) Tallest, Longest and Steepest ZipFlyer of World

If you were in pokhara and you missed ZipFlyer, then I must say your pokhara trip was incomplete. This ZipFlyer itself has the different value because of it’s unique identity as tallest, longest and steepest zipline of world. Come on, dream it and dare to do it. (You can book your zipflyer from nepflights.com)

Lumbini, Birthplace of Gautam Buddha

5) Lumbini, Birthplace of Gautam Buddha

Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha is listed in world heritage site due to its beautiful monuments. Explore your knowledge by visiting lumbini which was created thousands of years ago, consisting brief information about birth of lord buddha and his lifestyle.

Lukla Airport - World's Most Dangerous Airport

Lukla Airport – World’s Most Dangerous Airport

6) Most Dangerous Airport in the World

Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is the most dangerous airport of world,

  • Tenzing-Hillary Airport doesn’t have a control tower, radar or navigation
  • Pilots are forced to rely on the view from their cockpit to land and takeoff
  • The 460 metre long runway – a tenth of standard length – is also on a slope
  • If a pilot misjudges landing or takeoff, they face a 9,200ft fall off a cliff edge

But believe me it’s safe then it seems, I know everyone want to experience this thrilling way. This is also the gateway for Mt. Everest

One Horned Rhino, Chitwan Nepal

One Horned Rhino, Chitwan Nepal

7) Be close of the One Horn Rhino

Did you know you can see One Horned Rhino in Nepal? Amazingly you will get chance to see them in forest. But don’t worry Rhino can’t jump over the elephant where you will be looking from.

Muktinath Temple, Mustang , Nepal

Muktinath Temple, Mustang , Nepal

8) Gateway treks to Muktinath,( holy place ) Jomsom

Nepal has the identity of Hindu Nation, there are lots of holy places where millions of people visit and worship from different country. Muktinath is the one of the sacred place both for Hindu and Buddhists which is located in Mustang, Nepal. You can trek through different villages and valleys where you can explore about the culture and famous thakali food.

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