How can International Community can help tourism sector to recover after Eathquake?

By NepFlights
07 Aug 2015


This is the another question of #TTOT in discussion topic Nepal, which was held on 4th August of 2015.

If you missed last time, see this was the first question:

What are the concerns of tourist about travelling to Nepal Now after Earthquake


Nepal is always well supported by every country. Specially after earthquake, We all know thousands of people were on ground to help and also millions were supported remotely. Which is the significant reason how Nepal started recovering fast. But the tourism industry which likely to be the long term affected need more supports and more time.

If you are thinking how can you help Tourism of Nepal, here are the suggestion we got from lots of people, who were on #TTOT discussion.

1. Promote & support credible tour operators associations or organisations that we know to get the message out that “doors are open”

2. Show people it’s still beautiful and encourage clients not to be put off of travelling.

3. Travel with responsible tour operators like our friends and help the economy, stay & buy local.

4. Promote it. But responsibly. Talk about it. Spread the word! .

5. Promote for ex. Nepal Embassy in Singapore, Thailand and Laos “Nepal is Safe”.

6. Visit! Talk about Nepal! Write posts about Nepal! Promote aid organisations helping the rebuild and recovery

7. Share information, educate & find out what is needed by communicating with the tourism authorities in Nepal.

8. Ideally, book a holiday there! If, understandably, that’s not possible, write and talk about it; keep it in the public conscious.

9. Support the communities by travelling in a Meaningful way. Stay in homestays, opt for eco treks, support local guides & porters.

10 Those who went recently can stress that there’s no reason not to go, show us the beautiful country & people.

11. Revive old blogs/posts we’ve written about Nepal to increase traveller’s desires/confidence to go

12. Be aware of issues, organisations working on relief & learn what we can do that will be effective to the Nepalese community.

13. If choosing to travel with a ‘voluntourism’ company, check their credentials/testimonials are they really contributing?

14. Continue talking, writing and spread the word to keep it in the public eye

15. Talking about it is a great start, as with Greece, but there is a real threat of confusion, misinformation and inaction.

16. Be one of the first to reopen the tourism industry in Nepal and just GO!

17. Pressure governments to attenuate and update the warnings of travelling to Nepal

18. Being a responsible traveller, do whatever we can. Explore the Nepal by exploring blog, places and many more

19. Bloggers are ideally placed to give realistic views of any area and dispel the media paranoia, misinformation and misapprehension.

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