Is Nepal safe to Travel?

By NepFlights
28 Jun 2015

You might have this question, But i want to tell you. Nepal is known for adventurer and thrilling experience which sometime may not be 100% safe. But as the situation created after earthquake, it’s seems obvious question from everyone who want to come in Nepal

Is Nepal is Safe to travel now?

One of the sector that directly impacted after 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal occurred on 25 April 2015 is undoubtedly Tourism. It’s not because of damage created by it but the message spread about the situation through media created the humor and fear on heart of people who was not in Nepal.

Now it has been more than 2 month cross, most of the things already become normal. But Tourism sector is struggling to bring tourism inside country. The major concern about the safety from tourist is obvious but the problem is how they believe it.

Here is the points to justify the concern about safety.

1. The most information which spread all over the world is either fueled by poor journalism or inundate advice from Governments.

2. Nepal is always known as safe destination but now it is even more safe, The People are very hospitable and they are making even better to make easier and to abolish fear on people coming in this time.

3. Lots of INGO, volunteers and rescuer  came here after earthquake, Have you heard anything wrong with them. Even today lots of people are here with family and they are happy to be here.

4. Routes, which are affected or supposed to be a danger are already close to prevent from further damage.

5. If you see the statistics, 14 out of 75 districts, 3 of 35 trekking routes, 1 of 8 UNESCO World Heritage, 3 of 18 national park were affected  during quake.

6. We have trained drivers on EQ preparedness, so your trips will have lesser risk than before.

7. The hotel have conducted a self-assessment, have been checked by authorities and later by us, and we can vouch for them.

8. We have started a training program for our guides so that when you come you will go with better trained guides

9. We are assessing all our trips currently for risk.

Nepal Tourism Safe

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