Top 9 interesting facts about flights in Nepal

By NepFlights
09 Apr 2015


    1. There are 44 Airports, 24 are functional and 11 are regular flight routes in Nepal.1)nepal-flight-destination
    2. 21 Airlines Company has taken AOC from CAAN, among them, only 3 major Airlines operates regular flights in Nepal.Civil-aviation-authority-nepal
    3. First aircraft to operate flights in Nepal was a single Douglas DC-3.first-royal-nepal-airlines-land-in-nepal-douglas
    4. Largest seat capacity plane, operating domestic flights in Nepal is ATR 72-500(3), which has 70 passengers seats capacity.BuddhaAirlines
    5. Till now 43 planes operating  in Nepal have crashed with 767 fatalities.Nepal_plane_crash__
    6. Biggest plane crash in the aviation history of in Nepal was PIA Airlines, crashed in Bhattey Dada with 167 fatalities.aircrash-nepal-PIA
    7. Tenzing-Hillary Airport is the most dangerous airport in the World operating domestic flights in Nepal.lukla-tenzing-hillary-airport
    8. Every morning 1 hour Mountain Flight is scheduled from Kathmandu, where people can see Mt. Everest.Mountain-flight
    9. Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport  in Nepal.tribhuvan_international_Airport

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