Nepal Tourism Recovery : World Vs Nepal Post Analysis

By NepFlights
27 Jul 2015

After 4.24.2015 Earthquake of Nepal, people from every corner of the world come to help Nepal, Undoubtedly Most sectors of Nepal recovered and back to normal life in very short time.  Without support of media, international organization and individuals, it wouldn’t be possible. There was the news, From the crowd funding sites alone, people support around 100000000000 USD money. Beside this, most of the nation came to Nepal to show the support and commit 400000000000 to Nepal Government for rebuild process. We can say it was the big achievement that Nepal won the heart of World.


But these have some dark sides also, Specially the Tourism is one of the sectors, which seems it directly affected for long. Tourism Business depends on the people come to Nepal to enjoy holiday, but the image we created on the way is too much disastrous to this industry. People feet pity about country can’t enjoy. So now, it created the situation where whole industry is together to show the exact reality of Nepal. Everyone is contributing the bring tourism back and show Nepal is back to business and Nepal need you now.


The promotion we created as World Vs Nepal was one of our efforts to support industry. So here is the background how we come up this idea.


  1. There was the similar idea of World Vs Dubai to show what really Dubai is. So we inspired with it.
  2. We met few journalist and activist who came to Nepal for reporting and supporting, they told they found the situation very different here that which they imagine.
  3. We found some organization/media were still sharing the same image of earthquake even after 2 months which created the image of still devastated  in Nepal.
  4. We asked our foreigner friends  what come to your mind about Nepal now.
  5. Nepal Tourism Recovery | Strategies and Action group has developed FAQ to handle the queries come from foreigners with same way, so they won’t be confuse with different response.
  6. Most of the countries Travel Advisory is restricted their citizen to travel all place of Nepal,

We are really surprised to see the result we got from the campaign and here is what we found in one week.



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