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By NepFlights
29 Jun 2015

7.8 rector scale earthquake and many predicted aftershock, has left thousands of death people and big scar in the Nepalese livelihood. Still people are showing their spirit to grow again. Nepalese are not the type of people to sit and dwell on trouble. They are proactive in rebuilding the damage and in working within the tourism industry. The tourism industry is slowly and steady getting back to normal.

Tourism has been taken as the major sector of income in our country Nepal. It is the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue, and many jobs here, are depended on the daily inflow of the tourist. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, more than 8% of the country’s $19.29 billion GDP in 2013 came from Nepal’s tourism industry. After earthquake many tourist cancel their plan to visit Nepal thinking Nepal wouldn’t be same and safe. Leaving some part of country, other part are safe and untouched by the earthquake. The history hasn’t been changed. The culture, tourist like to see are still here. The food, they want to taste still smells the best. The warmth in the people smile are still visible. The feeling of being in heaven is still roaming in the corner of Nepal.

Support Nepal

Places like: pokhara, bandipur, chitwan, lumbini are still safe. Hotels and restaurants in the tourist quarter of Kathmandu known as Thamel are open. Everest base camp trek, annapurna trek, annapurna base camp mardi himal are all open to provide the stunning views and breathtaking mountain range. Most of the region are still safe including mustang and dolpa trails. Majority of temples in Kathmandu valley, like Pashupatinath, boudhanath, kumari house of patan, Kathmandu and bhaktapur, Nyatapola etc, are still standing. As per Tourism Recovery Committee of Nepal, Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and swayambhunath are already open. All the international and national airports are in operational with zero damage. There have been no outbreaks of viral diseases of influenza. so, Nepal is safe to visit.

All Heritage Site open

This is the time of rebuilding in Nepal. It’s a time when Nepal needs visitors more than ever. If you really want to help Nepal, book a ticket for you holidays now. This will help the victim people to sustain their lifestyle. Want to help Nepal, then visit Nepal. In the case of the recent Nepal earthquake, there is a lot of empathy for how the Nepalese  have coped and the images of determination and resilience that were broadcast around the world may have led to much admiration, and encouraged tourists to explore the culture of Nepal further in future.

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