What are the concerns of tourist about travelling to Nepal?

By NepFlights
05 Aug 2015


When ever crises happened in any country, tourism always have a long term impact. The first downfall start from cancelled booking and for worst cost it may take long time to make it normal as earlier. There is no doubt 7.8 magnitude of earthquake happened on 25th April and aftershocks has badly hit the tourism sector of Nepal.

It passed more than 3 months, and it seems most of other industry seems almost back to normal. But the tourism of Nepal which depend on the foreigners at maximum still struggling to tell the world Tourism Activities is back to business in Nepal. And even good than ever, People are promoting a destination than their company and service.

It is going on positive way but it look like there need to work more to tell what Nepal is Now.

So on 4th August of 2015, Hjörtur Smárason, who was in Nepal for few days to train the NepalNow Task team, bloggors, reporters and Tour Operators on how to promote during this crises proposed Nepal as topic of discussion in #TTOT.

The first question was on what is the concerns of foreigner about travelling Nepal? And here is what people said:

1. I can’t go Nepal right now.
2. I don’t have any concerns, I’d go tomorrow, genuinely I would drop everything to return to a favourite place
3. I wouldn’t want to be seen as a “disaster tourist”. From a purely practical viewpoint: Getting anywhere might be troublesome now
4. I’d hate to think my requirements as a visitor took people or equipment away from rebuilding infrastructure
5. I worry that by going there, we may cause more hassle than benefit to the local communities who actually need to re-build.
6. People thinking it’s not safe anymore. Nepal is such an incredible place – definitely one of our favourite
7. Receiving accurate credible information. So many conflicting reports & warnings from governments & press
8. Worrying about being a hindrance. Most people want to help, but sometimes flocking to ‘help’ might not actually be helpful.
9. Maybe joining a enuine and useful NGO as a volunteer would be best. I’d be up for that too
10. Worried I would be getting in the way of relief efforts. An extra person in a country where I am not currently ‘wanted’
11. Taking valuable beds/accom from those who need them more would be my primary concern.
12. nothing to worry about, it’s actually your time to give hand or help to re-build. Why not travel and volunteer altogether?
13 If I was going right this minute then my own ignorance. I’ve caught the odd documentary over the years, but nothing encyclopedic.
14 Understanding the background of the current political and social conditions
15. We think tourism can only be a positive force for Nepal. The country is simply beautiful & its people so welcoming
16. While many tourists have good intentions, without informed guidance they can do more harm than good.
17. At times like this I am strikingly aware of my lack of any useful skills whatsoever. Best to leave it to the people who can help.

It looks like people are stuck with Earthquake incident only and they don’t know the changed after it. The news and the messages comes from the different media and INGO is making them confusing which means they need some evidence than just saying.


Are you agree with this? Or you have different concerns? Write the comments and help us to recover the Tourism of Nepal.

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