What Travelers should be aware, when travelling to post-disaster Country like Nepal?

By NepFlights
16 Aug 2015


This is the 3rd question #ttot in discussion topic Nepal after Earthquake.

It’s not easy to convince the travellers to invite immediately on the place where disaster occurred. The reason they feel it might be troublesome to be affected people they don’t want to be there enjoying their moment. But another side, going those place will be the relief to the local people, they will get income.

So here is the list of concerns suggested by the people who participated on #ttot

1. Be aware of your surroundings, listen to your local guide and be sensible

2. Don’t pretend you are there to help if you are not. don’t take advantage of the people’s misfortunes!

3. The smallest of gestures can make the biggest impacts.

4. People will want to go on with their lives and not be constantly reminded of *that day* by all too curious visitors.

5. That the locals are more than their environmental disaster & respect, not pity, is probably what’s needed most.

6. This is where correct info is vital. Where is ‘off limits’ and where is ‘safe’. Last thing you want to do is hinder/annoy.

7. Be aware with the situation there, keep updating with the news and don’t worry, just go with tons of ideas to help them!

8. Be sensitive to the situation, employ a local guide and be guided by their wisdom, contribute only where/how appropriate

9. Be more aware than ever that you are a guest and should be open-minded and respectful at all times.

10. Post-disaster areas require a delicate and balanced approach to tourism. They need the money, but they also need time to rebuild

11. do your research before you go, and find out which areas to avoid and where you can help

12. Expect to be flexible. If infrastructure is damaged, you’ll need to change your plans. Take precautions & travel wisely.

13. Your own limits and abilities, and reasons for going. Be respectful, resourceful and well researched.

14. Soak up the beauty & take the time to talk to the locals. Relish the time you’re there.

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