6 things you should know if you are flying for first time

By NepFlights
16 Apr 2022

People usually don’t forget their first flight, and obviously, most experiences sound amazing. You might read about the first flight experience of your favorite person in the newspaper and that also makes you exciting. If you are scared of flying or have never flown, the idea of going on a flight might seems discouraging. However, the experience from your home, coming on the way to the airport, airport checking, boarding, and flight will be more enjoyable than you might think.

Here is a few thing that you should know:

1.Book your ticket

If you have decided to travel in flight, you should have to confirm if there is any seat available. If there are any seat available than only you can book your ticket. In some case you mightn’t get ticket for the day you are looking. So better advice is do as early as possible. It has 2 benefits : first you have better chance to get ticket and second you might get discount or low cost ticket. You can buy your ticket from the travel agents near by you or you can book online from online site like 

2.Prepare for flight

Before you move to airport, make sure you have all the necessary documents(Travel Document, VISA, Invitation letter…), for domestic flight you need few. In airport, you have to proceed the rules and sometime it might take time. So make sure you will have enough time(3 hours for first time will be better), for domestic 1 hour early will be prefect. If you are taking luggage, make sure of weight(depends on airlines) if you exceed then you have to pay for luggage(you can pay inside the airport). You can carry hand carry also.

3.Check In

After you make inside the airport terminal, you first need to go for the check in. Remember you can only do once your flight is open (check the monitors or boards in terminal). You have to show you ticket and your identity with travel document. There you will give your luggage. The Check In officer will give you boarding pass and receipt of luggage.


After checking in you need to go for departure lounge, you will go through security check. You may have to take off your phone, jacket, laptop outside for inspection. The security officer will stamp in your hand carry and boarding pass if you successfully complete it. If you are going to abroad you have to pass through immigration check. You have to show all your documents visa, boarding pass, passport and invitation letter, If they found anything suspect they can reject your flight. After compete all the procedure, you need to wait for boarding to plane, you might need to show you boarding pass again and they may turn the piece of it. You may need the shuttle to boarding in plane.

5.Inside the flight

Great you complete all the hectic part, now nothing to worry. Take you seat, you have seat number in your boarding pass(some small aircraft may not have seat arrangement, so you can seat anywhere but remember the priority for women and senior citizens). The cabin crew will close the doors when all passengers are on plane. Before take off, they will take you through some safety demonstration(Don’t worry this is regular route of any flight.). Before take off, it may prepare for little bit and it may increase noise. There will some signial for seatbelt and smoking. You are not allowed to stand up while seatbelt signal shows. Once it goes to the certain height, captain sees fit to turn off the signal. After it you can go to Latrine, you have eat food.

6.After Landing

In the time of landing you can feel the plane going down. As the wheel touch the runway, then increase the noise as the aircraft goes slow. The plane will take you to terminal. Don’t stand up event the plane stops, you have to wait for signal of belt sign turning off. You might need shuttle to go to terminal from plane. Once you go inside immigration authorities will ask for your passport in case of international flight. Then you can go for reclaim your Babbage. After it you can follow the exit way

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