Top 10 Question that you might have on your mind about Nepal after Earthquake

By NepFlights
30 Jun 2015

Earthquake affected more people outside than the people inside Nepal, The most information which spread all over the world fueled by poor journalism has created the different imagination of world. So people who are thinking to come Nepal are on dilemma and have lots of question on mind, so here we want to share you what top 10 questions are on mind of foreigners

1. Are the ATMs working? 

YES all as normal as before, But better to ensure with your bank and tell them you are travelling and will be using ATMs in Nepal #stillWithdraw

2. Is electricity still working?

YES as usual, We are matched to normal ‘load-shedding’ schedules, #stillLoadshedding

3. Is Everest Buried?

There was news that Everest has sunk about a centimetre or moved toward china but so far no scientific surveys have been completed with published results. But don’t worry Everest is #stillStanding 

4. Is Kathmandu flattened? 

Definitely not! Most parts of the city are working as normal. In many places you would not know there had been an earthquake – this includes the major tourism hub of Thamel. #stillHigh

5. Are you living above a rubble mound? 

No and there are very few piles of rubble around, the majority have now been managed or are in the process of being managed and removed. #stillClean

6. Does the phone and Internet work?

All communication systems work as you would normally expect. #stillSurfing

7. Can i get food easily? 

Most of the favourite and popular restaurants are open for business as usual but the same travel advice applies as it always has done – use hand gel and avoid small ‘local’ back street restaurants to stay healthy. Many restaurants are closing early (9pm) but only because there is so little trade #stillTasty

8. Which hotel is safe to stay in Kathmandu, Nagarkot?

Nearly all of the top end  hotels have been checked and are now open as before, certainly the high profile (not necessarily the most expensive) ones are. The majority of Thamel hotels have not yet had  government engineers surveys but they are open for business as normal. When considering a hotel choice please look for the ‘Green Sticker’, the official survey stamp that the building is safe.  Check our portal for hotels that are open for business as normal #stillSafe

9. Are the helicopters still commandeered by the Government or can we hire them for sightseeing trips?

Yes they are offering all the usual site-seeing trips #stillFlying

10.  Are hill airstrips still in tacked?

Yes all are operating as usual subject to the normal weather conditions. #stillfly


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