Helicopter Tour services in Nepal

By nepflights
16 Aug 2022
PackagesDurationAltitude (Max)Price Ranges from
Kathmandu Tour by Helicopter1 Day1,400 M.US$200 / person
Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu1 Day4,130 M.US$750 / person
Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour from Pokhara1 Hour4,500 MUS $200 / person

More than 65 % of the land is covered with mountains and hills in Nepal due to which the major challenging thing becomes transportation. So, in order to optimize this problem of transportation, Helicopter services came into practice, and have been commercialized since the 1980s.

Background of Helicopter Tour Services

Helicopter tour services started with distinct aims and scope in Nepal. It is usually practiced for taking the tour of various remote and tropical areas of Nepal. Other than tours, it is also used for rescuing the people from very dangerous areas. It has become one of the safest means of transportation in the hills and mountains of Nepal. It has become a popular service as people can reach the exotic remote destinations in a short period of time which could have taken up to 1 or several weeks to reach.

Advantages of Helicopter Tour

1.The dreams of those people who wish to enjoy the natural beauty of remote and exotic destinations but can not afford to trek or go through foot or any other means of transportation due to various reasons.

2.Helps to explore and blend with the dazzling beauty of nature.

3.Less time consuming and easy travelling

4.Offers comfortable and quick journey

Nepal has been conducting Helicopter tour service in every corner of the country and it is a favourable service for all the travelers from all around the world.

Highlights of Helicopter Tours

1.Helicopter tours have become one of the best ways to experience and enjoy the majestic views of the Himalayas in a certain period of time.

2.The helicopter tour package in Nepal includes not only the mountain views but also city sightseeing, research tours, photography tours and filming tours. The married couple can enjoy a honeymoon tour and enjoy the beautiful dream moment with their loved one.

3.People can enjoy the beauty of diverse nature, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, settlements, villages and varieties of flora and fauna.

Best Time for Helicopter Tours

  • Spring: March- June
  • Autumn: September -December

The best time for Helicopter Tours in Nepal probably could be during the time of Spring or Autumn Season between the months of March to June and September to December. These periods of time are considered to be the window for climbing and trekking and also the most favourable period for helicopter tours.

The weather is clear due to which you can experience the mesmerising views of mountains and hills as they are more visible during these months. You can enjoy rich flora and fauna. The Tours are usually conducted in the early morning as clouds are clear and weather is lovely in the morning. It is believed the tour becomes smoother when the weather is quieter.

Helicopter Tour Services

PackagesDurationAltitude (Max)Price Ranges from
Kathmandu Tour by Helicopter1 Day1,400 M.US$200 / person
Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu1 Day4,130 M.US$750 / person
Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour from Pokhara1 Hour4,500 MUS $200 / person
Helicopter Tour to Gosaikunda1 Day4,380 MUS$250 / person
Helicopter Tour to Langtang2 hours4,300 MUS$450 / person
Helicopter Tour to Upper Mustang1 Day3,840 MUS$1500 / person
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Lukla1 Day5,380 MUS$800 / person

The impossibilities of reaching the peaks of mountains and depth of nature on foot becomes possible with the helicopter services; the easy and fast way to turn the dream into a beautiful reality. Capturing the aerial view of mesmerizing hills and mountains, city and rivers are only possible through helicopter tours.

If you really desire to melt yourself in the lap of nature but you are short of time or cannot go through the long and difficult process of reaching the destination, then your dream comes true with these helicopter services.

The quality of your journey depends upon the service that you have booked and the service provider that you have chosen. So, be wise while selecting the best service provider.

If you are confused or unaware of the platform that lets you reach your destination fulfilling your requirements then One of the best Helicopter Tour Services in Nepal is offered by the leading online ticketing platform; Nepflights with cheapest tickets and quality services.

You can compare the price and choose the favorable ticket among all. If you are planning for the Helicopter tour in Nepal and searching for the best service provider then you will not regret choosing this portal for turning your dream into reality.

The varieties of helicopter tour packages are offered with the best price. You can choose the package that fits you and collect the unforgettable experience of memories of hills and beauties. The safe, easy and trustworthy trip to any corner of Nepal will let you feel the heaven in this world.

Things to consider while selecting Helicopter Tour Services

1.Select the package that fits within your budget and area of interest.

2.Find the service provider that is able to fulfil your requirements and services.

3.Consider the service provider that offers high quality services and is ready to protect your privacy and safety during your journey.

4.Select an easy and cheap booking platform and book your service beforehand.

5.Be sure of your booking and tour details before taking the journey.

All the considerations for the selection of tour services are fulfilled by Nepflights. The best platform provides you the best services and the best services offer you the best journey.

Why Nepflights Helicopter Tour Services?

  • Easy and cheap Booking
  • High Quality Services
  • Large Customer Base
  • Protects your Privacy
  • Provides safe travel

Available Packages

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  • Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour: Overview
  • Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight
  • Helicopter Tour to Langtang
  • Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Lukla
  • Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour from Pokhara
  • Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu Tour by Helicopter
  • Helicopter Tour to Upper Mustang
  • Helicopter Tour to Langtang

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