Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight

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16 May 2022


Airport nameKathmandu airport
IATA airport codeKTM 
Flight Duration60 minutes
Max Group Size5 people

2860 meters


Why Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter Flight?

helicopter landing at lukla airport

Well, helicopter flights and airline flights are two different experiences. Helicopter flights are not a common way of transport but can be the best conveyance to visit remote places. Lukla is a distant village in Nepal where there occurs a lot of flying problems like  flight delays, and cancellations due to bad weather conditions. The Lukla airport is also considered one of the most dangerous in the world. Additionally, the airlines operate flights only a few days in one week so in such cases Helicopter flight can be the best alternative. 

Besides, some other reasons to choose the Helicopter flight are

  • Robust: Helicopters are designed to battle bad weather thus, there are rare chances of flight problems due to weather conditions.
  • Time flexibility: Unlike airplane flights helicopter flights can be booked as per your availability and preference. 
  • Convenience: A greater level of comfort and lesser risks are involved.
  • Fun: In contrast to airplane flights, you can expect a wonderful experience watching views on helicopter flights to Lukla.  


Helicopter Flight Scheduled Form Kathmandu to Lukla

totlal distance from kathmandu to lukla through helicopter

Scheduling of your flight depends upon your pick. However, there are certain steps that take palace while traveling via helicopter and they are:

Step 1Reach the airport a few hours before your flight time so that you can have proper guidance about the flight by the flight instructor who will be your pilot most probably. 
Step 2Collect your boarding pass and check-in
Step 3Pilot introduction begins and the flight starts
Step 4Land at Lukla airport after around 1 hour of flight


Lukla Airport

Lukla is a famous place to visit among the mountaineers and trekkers due to its link to Khumbu village which is the gateway to Mt.everest. Nepal is home to over 1310 mountains in the world and if you fly to Lukla from Kathmandu, in clear weather, you can see 18 of the highest.  On a sunny day with good weather, you can have a clear view of Mt.everest from Lukla as well. Lukla airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the whole world which makes it an intriguing destination for adventure lovers. Besides, safety is one of the main concerns of travelers flying to Lukla airport but it is quite safe. Likewise, the airport is located in a cold hilly region and often faces the problem of bad weather as a result flights to Lukla might not always take off on time.


Some of the most interesting facts about Lukla airport are:

  • Lukla airport is inclined by 12% as it’s built on a steep inclined hillside.  
  • Lukla airport was built under the guidance of one of the first Everest climbers Sir Edmund Hillary in the year 1964 AD. 
  • All the pilots flying to Lukla must have 100 Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) successful flights
  • Kathmandu to Lukla flight follows the trans- Himalayan route and will take 35 minutes to arrive after the departure. 
  • The distance between Lukla and the Everest base camp is 63.08 km.

Best Seasons to travel to Lukla Airport

best season to travel in lukla with helicopter to see beauty of mount everest

According to the Nepalese forestry department, 35000 tourists come to visit Mt. Everest annually. These tourists visit  the Lukla airport in order to trek to the Khumbu region. As Lukla is the nearest airport to Everest, people like to fly to Lukla airport for ease, efficiency, and convenience. There are two major factors that decide the best season to travel to Lukla Airport as per your purpose of traveling. Your purpose of traveling can be either sightseeing or trekking and mountaineering. Besides, the number of visitors is higher during autumn and spring. 


August to November, is also considered the best for Everest mountaineering as a result of which a lot of people visit Lukla Airport during Autumn. The climatic condition during Autumn is just perfect as it’s not too hot or too cold. The tea houses and hotels in the Everest region during Autumn are reserved for visitors.


March to May is another popular season for travelers coming to Lukla. During spring, the days are sunny while the nights are humid. Spring is suitable for mountaineering and trekking both. The sky is clear and the scenery is breathtaking all over the Everest region as flowers like rhododendron blossoms and several endangered animals and birds can be observed around the national park. 

Hence, for sightseeing, spring is the best otherwise, you can prefer autumn and spring both for mountaineering

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight Price

The helicopter flight price differs as 

  • Per group,
  • Private flight, and
  • Type of flight: one-way and round trip. 
TitleFlight Price
Per person in a group one wayUSD 400 –  USD 500
Per person in a group round tripUSD 950 – USD 1000
Private flight One way USD 2000 – USD 2500
Private flight round tripUSD 4500 – USD 5000

Private Helicopter Flight Round trip  (Kathmandu- Lukla, and Lukla- Kathamandu)

Private Helicopter Flight might be comparatively expensive but is the most convenient one if you seek comfort and timely service. A round trip helicopter flight will pick you up from your place and take you to the airport and leave you at your place after the trip’s completion. Correspondingly, you can also enjoy time flexibility as you can plan the flight as you wish. 

Flight reservation and payment of Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter flight

As mentioned above autumn and spring seasons bring a huge number of visitors to Lukla. Among those visitors, many prefer  helicopter flights to insure their timely flight, flexibility, spectacular view, and comfort.  It is important to reserve a flight early as the number of visitors is huge.  Therefore, early flight reservation is important to avoid the non-availability of flight seats.

Helicopter Flight from Everest base camp (EBC) to Lukla

Although flights are the preferred way of traveling to remote places like Lukla, some prefer the other way. Instead of traveling via flight, some prefer trekking. For trekkers, trekking through Lukla to get to Everest is fun. Trekkers usually travel through another remote village called ‘Jiri’ for 10 to 15 days to reach Everest base camp. Following this path, trekkers will be walking for around 5 hours each day to meet the arrival date as planned before. 

Nevertheless, after days of trekking, the travelers feel exhausted and tired. Hence, helicopter flight can be a great way of transport from EBC to Lukla, especially for the trekkers. A helicopter flight can help you save time and energy compared to trekking for days long. One will take 3-4 days for trekking from EBC to Lukla whereas, with a helicopter flight time duration is only 15 minutes. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I see Mt.Everest from Lukla?

Yes, if the weather is good and the sky is clear you will see Mt. Everest range from Lukla.

  • How much will a helicopter flight to Lukla cost?

Flying to Lukla through a helicopter will cost you nearly US$ 500 in a group one way. Additional details for a helicopter flight to Lukla are mentioned below:

TitleFlight Price
Per person in a group one wayUSD 400 –  USD 500
Per person in a group round tripUSD 950 – USD 1000
Private flight One way USD 2000 – USD 2500
Private flight round tripUSD 4500 – USD 5000


  • Is flying to Lukla safe?

No flights depart from Kathmandu airport without checking on the security and safety guideline before each flight ever. In addition, all the pilots flying to Lukla must have 100 Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) successful flights. Thus, the accident rates from the establishment date are less and you can consider flying to Lukla safe.

  • Where can I stay around Lukla?

The Lukla residents are known for hospitability and besides, there are many lodging options available for you. If you desire to learn more about this, you can reach your travel agent. 

  • Can I book a private helicopter flight to Lukla for a single person?

Yes, a single person can book a private helicopter flight for herself. However, it’s going to be expensive. To reduce the cost of helicopter flights, you can always join a group. 

  •  Do helicopters depart every day from Kathmandu to Lukla?

Yes, if you book flight helicopters depart every day from Kathmandu to Lukla. 

  • Are there chances of helicopter flights getting canceled?

Helicopters are robust and designed to battle bad weather thus, there are rare chances of flight problems due to weather conditions.

  • How long does it take to reach Lukla from Kathmandu by helicopter?

It takes around one hour to reach Lukla airport from Kathmandu airport by helicopter. 

  • Does the helicopter fly at the scheduled time?

Unlike airplanes, helicopters are more reliable. The scheduled time is usually taken seriously even in bad weather as the weather conditions do not cause any problems.

  • Will there be other passengers on my helicopter flight?

The number of people on your flight depends on the flight plan you booked for. If you booked for a group helicopter flight there are going to be more number of people. If you booked a private flight, you will travel alone. 

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