Why you may get bad flight experience in Nepal, sometimes

By NepFlights
11 Apr 2014


In most of the cases, people choosing  flight is secondary. Else, people usually get east to west with in more or less 24 hours in extreme cases. The better way comes if you have your private vehicle or you rent for your self. The common example of people travel in flights are:

Most flights taken by people are due to emergency. The emergency of medical treatment, emergency to attain events. We can imagine people don’t usually have pre-planned for such kind of travel. Due to this they might got problem to get ticket, even if they get they usually have to pay more than normal fare.

Business Trip
We can say business trip are regular travelers. They even take same day two way flight. With the well travel management and tie up with Travel Agency, they often get comfortable trip. But due to the travel crises they may face problems in flight changes, cancellations and missed flights.

Politicians Trip
As Business trip politicians use regular flight. They have same issues as Business people.

Holiday Trip
When city based people get their time to have some recreational activity and want to go for different activities like paraglayding, rafting, hiking, jungle safari, trekking. And due to limitation of time frame they usually take flight to reach nearby destination. This kind of flight is very few, and most of the activities are focused for foreign tourist. So Nepalese tourist might face problem due to priority.

From above we can conclude, Flight is not in first place of people’s choice. And When they need it, they faced lot of unexpected problems. Here I listed very common problems we may faced.

Few number of Airport
There are all together 44 airports, which means there are lot of districts without airports. Among 44, only 24 is functioning. With in 24 only 11 are trunk route which is regular. It means if you want to go for other destination than trunk route, there is the high probability not to getting flight easily, delayed or canceled.

Few number of flight, aircraft and airlines.
In Nepal there are 3 major airlines and among them, Yeti and Buddha are flying for maximum destination. So it may cause single flight in week.

– Weather situation 
The main reason for travel crises is because of weather situation. The variation of weather between different region might cause unconditional crises.

– Short Take of Landing [STOL]
Most of Nepal airports are considered STOL because they are located in a valley between high mountains or even on the mountains , so their runway is too short, their runway slope too high or they need complicate procedures to operate. Flight are not regularly scheduled and not guaranteed.

Difference on Fair
There are two different cost for Nepali Tourist(same for India Tourist) and Foreign Tourist, it’s not usual but some travel agency may act as per their need to get maximum foreign fair to get maximum commission.

Information Crises 
The worst things happen if you were not informed about your delayed flight or canceled. The airlines don’t give you proactive notice. even some time people loose their refund by missing deadlines.

Service Classification 
For the Nepalese traveler, there are different class of ticket with different rate of fair but the bitter part is there is not any such classification in service inside plane.

The better way to prevent from this problems is better preparation for your trip. I suggest you should know about all these problems. Most of the problem’s solutions are not in your hand but there might be few that you should try your self. At least you can book your ticket your self : http://nepflights.com . See if there any tickets available or not? Compare the fair. Pay yourself. And the best thing maintain enough time.


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