Arrival of Nepal Airlines Airbus A320 – Sagarmatha

By NepFlights
11 Feb 2015

Like the arrival of a new born baby to the family, the Nepalese community were overwhelmed by the arrival of a new fleet of national flag bearer international airplane at Tribhuwan International Airport on 8th February, Sunday, 2015. The plane named as “Sagarmatha” after the highest mountain of the world and pride of Nepal Mt.Everest received a grand welcome with traditional music, cultural ceremonies and fountain applause as per international practice.

The plane with Mathwer and Shrawan Rijal on the cockpit as the Pilot and Co-Pilot had Tourism Minister Deepak Chandra Amatya, NAC Chairman Shiva Sharan Neupane, NAC Managing Director Madab Kharel and engineers and officials from NAC and Civil Aviation authority of Nepal; who were the 18 on board passengers of the first flight of Sagarmatha from DOHA to KATHMANDU. At the hanger of TIA the welcome ceremony puja was conducted by the Managing Director Of NAC Madab Kharel.

The 158 seater Airbus A320-20 model airplane, will be starting its commercial flight from the end of this month. At current the flight will be connecting KATHMANDU and DELHI. A purchase of two same modeled airplanes was done with the French Airbus Company at the Airshow held at Qatar last year. The arrival of the next airplane is scheduled for April of 2015. The next airplane will be named after the birth place of Lord Buddha “Lumbini”.

Nepalese were excited by the 1st look of Sagarmatha on the video uploaded through “Hamburg Videos HD” channel on YouTube. The video has reached 13212 views in just 8 days with 150 likes which clearly indicates the excitement of Nepalese. The arrival of new fleet of airplanes produced by the leading manufacturer of airlines, Airbus; has added up new hopes and expectation over the overwhelming joy of a new national carrier. With the Airbus Company topping the security, comfort and economic standards of airlines manufacture, a new hope has developed in Nepalese of seeing NAC at the same height of success as its fellow organization “Thai Airways” established at the same year 1958. But on the other hand past technical and organizational failure of NAC is contradicting the expectations of general people.

At present NAC seems changing its policies and working in glorifying the sovereignty of the country by naming the planes after the prides of Nepal and giving a graphical enhancement to the tail logos but all will be revealed by time whether is this an old wine in new bottle or something else. May the plane welcomed in a traditional way won`t be repaired too, in a traditional way with slaughter of animals as the previous plane repair procedures of NAC.

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