5 things you should know if you are flying for first time in Nepal

By NepFlights
23 Apr 2015

There are lots of reasons behind people being so touched with Nepal, They put travel to Nepal in their bucket list. The beauty of nature, people, culture and food are the reason of desirability. Most tourists who came have good experience but some has not same. So our suggestion, if you are planning for travel to Nepal or flying for first time in Nepal, you have to prepare for it.

 Airport Process

Avoid the difficulties of Airport process. You will face the strange incident there.


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 Exchange the local currency

Not everyplace or every shop take credit card/ debit card payment, So it’s like compulsory to you have hand cash. Exchange rate is changeable, there you can see lots of money exchange counters with different conversion rate. If you are going there, try to bargain. But i suggest you first see the real trends from Central Bank of Nepal : http://nrb.org.np/ in case of emergency try to exchange little as you need.


If you have travel cards then bank will give you the real time best rate.

 Taxi Bargain

When you get outside from Terminal, you can see lots of taxi driver asking you for ride. There you can’t get standard rate, so first try to get the lowest cost as possible. You can always have the choose among them.

Still if you don’t get good response, walk down toward the main exit gate, you will see other taxis. They are easy to deal than above, they know what you are looking.


My best suggestion, if possible ask them to follow the TAXI Meters, so you don’t need to bargain.

 Choose right place to stay

The common and usual problems are load shedding and water shortage. So choose the place where you will get backup power at the time of power cut, adequate water and internet. Thamel is the best attraction for tourist, You will enjoy there. But if you want to see the real Nepalese people move out the Thamel.


 Ask for Help

Most of the people in Nepal always good to help each other, if you’re confused or in trouble, feel free to ask for help. Specially it will be better if you choose young people and students, they understand English better.


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