Why to choose NepFlights but Not Others

By NepFlights
01 Mar 2015

I remember the part of dialogue of my favorite movie “3 idiots”; The Dean of the Campus says “Life is a race, aage nahi badoge toh kohi tumhe kuchal ke aage badjayagi. Life starts with the competition among the sperms”. So competition is always there in life.

Yeah, I agree the day NepFlights born it won one level of competition on itself but then few seconds later it get introduced with the real competition of its kind.

Do you know what NepFlights is ? If yes, its fine. If not let me introduce it.

NepFlights is the leading domestic flight booking platform for Nepal with the guarantee service for the best correspondence, alerting and care till you reach your destination safely. NepFlights helps travellers by providing information that they need to get flights. It open the big opportunities to the anyone who are doing flight ticket business or want to do, that they will get all in one system with zero investment.

Now lets back into competitors, like NepFlights is kind of dedicated to domestic airlines ticketing in Nepal. There are numbers of same doers in the market, the platform may be different but the core thing is same, selling the flight ticket. In this scenario NepFlights has got tough competition.

Let me clarify you how NepFlights are different from others.

We have different Platform:
The unique identity of Nepflights is the reliable online platform which is directly connected with the airlines without any intervention.

How you feel when you buy a ticket and made payment but the very next moment they call you and tell you; “We are very much sorry sir, you ticket hasn’t confirmed because of some technical mistake” I merely can’t imagine. I have found some of the other online platform very slow and unresponsive. They even take days to respond you. Its like offline but online.

You can get all the airlines in a single platform, so that you don’t have to visit numerous sites and switch the tabs. Doesn’t it really irritate you.

When someone come to your travel agency and ask for the ticket for Kathmandu to Bhairahawa, your first try might be Yeti Airlines but your bad it is full ticketed then you try is Buddha Air and it is also ticketed and you give try on Simrik Airlines but again it give the same result and your final hope become Saurya Airlines. It looks complete hit and trial game and no need to say you have to spend more than 15 mins to get one deal.

Our Cost justify our service.
Nepflights is transparent, open and equally treated for all. It shows rate of all the classes without hiding anything. NepFlights distribute coupon code so anyone can get special rate.

We can’t discriminate anyone, we don’t promote one time business.

We Care our customer and Support them
NepFlights has the experienced travel professional in team who have experience of working in this sector for more than 10 years, We know most of the problem the people might get in Nepal, and the way how it can be handled. Our relation is not like others which limited with the ticket purchase only, we care till you reach your destination safely.

We have alerting system
NepFlights alert you, what is the status of flight? Is it delayed or cancelled ? We alert you for any circumstance that might occur and address your demands. Not like our competitors we don’t want you to give you shocked.


This Article was written by Mr. Suraj Bhusal.


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