How can i become agent of Nepflights?

By NepFlights
09 Apr 2014

Last week, we started agent partnership for anyone who interested to work with Nepflight. An interesting occurrence is we got lots of interest and queries from different people and company, and this add more excitement on us. In this blog we try to simply explain how anyone can be an agent of Nepflights?

How can my company eligible for Agent?
If you own any registered company no matter the field it works, you can signup for Agent. So the minimum requirement is your company should have proof of legal registration.

I don’t have any company but i have been working in this industry for long time, Do i have any chance for agent?
This is the one of the maximum asked questions, we got from different people. Initially we didn’t have any provision for such one. But now we open for anyone, so it means an individuals can also get Agent Account. The minimum requirement is, we need copy of national identity (Citizenship, License and Passport ) and you have to maintain the balance of 10,000 which you can use after 6 month. This is only for making responsible.

What are the steps to being Agent?

How to be a new agent

It’s very simple, Click the Register button on right top corner. You will see New Agent Signup, click it and fill the fields of form.
Choose either Organization or Individual while filling the Fields. After submitting you will receive an email with further instructions.
Here is Sample 

NepFlights   Agent Registration

You can go directly here

How can you verify the legal registration of company?
After filling the form you will receive an email with some instruction which include :
A scanned copy of the company/organization registration certificate issued by Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal.

My company is in outside the capital(Kathmandu), Should i come to your office for agent registration?
No you don’t, You can complete every process online. We made simple as possible, For any assistance you can either email us at or give us call +977-1-4257375 .

How can i pay for ticket?
Once you get confirmation of agent account, You will have separate wallet in system, which you can add money from bank account. Currently it is manual and with in 1-2 months it will be automatic.

for more information go to :

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