How can you help Nepal to overcome from the effects of Earthquake

By NepFlights
11 May 2015

at least you can share some good things about Nepal in social media.

Everybody knows about the devastating earthquake occurred recently on 25th April in Nepal. More than 8,000 people died, more than 15,000 injured and more than 3,00000 houses are affected. Everyone from the world is putting their efforts to heal the wound of Nepalese people. So, the very obvious question coming from everywhere is How can I help? Obviously, it’s not easy to understand the situation from outside. Search and Rescue operation is almost over, and the major effort is now focusing on relief. But this is not going to stop here soon. People are seeking for temporary residence, education, job and security. So there will always be lot of things that people will need on short and long terms.

So here we want to share you how can you help Nepal.

  • Make your holiday in Nepal.

We still have lot more things to show the world, Tallest Mountains, lakes, rivers, culture, People

  • Make your conference/meeting in Nepal.
  • Shoot your TV Show/ Movies in Nepal.
  • Sponsor the Nepalese event or event hosted in Nepal.
  • Consider Nepal for your regular social contribution(Donation, Volunteerism, CSR)
  • Give more freelance job to Nepalese.(S/W, Knowledge, content, photography)
  • Invest on Nepali Startups.
  • Recommend these things to your friends and families.

If these things are not feasible to you, than at least you can share some good things about Nepal in social network.

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