Lots of Up and Down on one year Journey of NepFlights

By NepFlights
24 Apr 2015

It was exactly one years ago, when we launched NepFlights commercially. I remember we were excited, not just because of building the first real time domestic flight portal but getting the over wheeling response of people about our product. It was our fortune, we launched on ICT Branding Expo, so we got the chance to meet the people personally and share what we have. Through out this one year, we got lots of up and down, I don’t claim everything was pre-planned but every time we attempt as prepared.

Here is the glimpses of our 1st year journey.

Launching at ICT Branding Expo

CAN Softech 2014

Reconnect – Second Runner Up

Official Flight Partner of CAN INFO TECH 2014

Start Selling Bungee and ZipFlyer

Featured in Magazines


Big Company Interested for business partnership 

From the beginning, lots of people and company interested on this business and everytime we became so quick serious and worked out to make every deal. But later we realized most of those interest was distraction for us, so we spend our important time on unproductive places.

Lots of System Problem

At the recent time, we got significance raising on lead and traction, but due to the unplanned/unprepared situation, we couldn’t tap those leads and it directly affected our regular traction also so we faced lots of falls on daily records.

Not Scalable

We create the environment to sell other services also, but we couldn’t do it because of the game of Depth first or Breadth First.

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