Mobile APP for travelers in Nepal

By NepFlights
08 Dec 2014

It’s very necessary for tourist to load all the important mobile app that will be useful while travelling. In most of the cases, the tourist also need the local app which is not covered by most global apps. If you are coming to Nepal, you might not get global app that address your need in Nepal, so the most convincing term is to search and download the local mobile app.

Here we are going to explore about the one useful nepali mobile app, called Nepflights

Nepflight is the app for domestic flight booking in Nepal. This is the one in all flight service app, so it has integrated the most of the domestic airlines and flight sectors. So you can easily compare and choose the flight which suits on your need. This helps you to save your time and money.

You might have the question in your mind, Why this app is considered as must download app? As you know Nepal is known for adventure and natural beauty, Most of the tourist choose Nepal for holiday and adventure trip. So you might not be sure when you need the emergency. So using this app will help you to get the fast transportation service in need. This app also provide privilege emergency service. They provide Helicharter also.

The team behind this app are the most experience travel and tech group.


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