Why should you try Nepflight Agent’s Account at least once

By NepFlights
15 Apr 2014

try-once-nepflightsNepflights has been established with the intention to help every person regarding online ticketing and booking of the flights all over Nepal. It aimed to offer best-value product and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Nepflights offers flight information in a well-integrated and easy-to-use design for online booking and ticketing, where people can search, compare and pay online.

If you are travel agent and doing ticketing in your way, then you can even try nepflight agent account once. I guarantee there is no loss. If you are start up and thinking to do air ticketing business, you’ll have lot of benefits. Here are some points why your company should try it at least once.

The main reason why we are telling you to use our system is because you don’t need to pay for it. It’s completely free to be an agent. The most people think either they need to deposit or need to pay some registration cost. But in reality For organizations it’s free to get an agent account. But in case of passionate individuals, they need to deposit NRS 10,000 which they can use after 6 months.

Transparent and Independent
You might have an experience of not getting tickets because of least importance from your service provider. But from this system you can ensure the availability of tickets. So you don’t need to depend on other company or people to get ticket. Everyone has equal access.

Cutting Edge Technology
We know how technology make difference for you, We have global audience and we set the service beyond the boundary. So it’s our major priority to give you most innovative technological service and solution. 

Best Price we offer
We know what is your major interest, As we are well experienced with this competitive market. We offer you the best price. Once you register for account and we verify your identity we will send you commission rates. If you think it’s okey, than you can use it.

Technology you understand 
Most people tell they are afraid to use technology, so we try to make it simple.  Where you can book and pay very easily.

Virtual World
We are creating virtual world, you can apply online with out coming in our office. You can search and book ticket with out asking us. You can pay with out our concern.

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