Nepflights Mobile APP : Pre Launch Campaign

By NepFlights
05 Dec 2014

You can directly go to Campaign to win :

Nepflights Mobile APP

Nepflights as the web app, we have tried to solve the problem of travelers and travel business companies. We don’t claim we have solved it already but our contribution will be counted, and we have lots of inspiration to move ahead. After 6 month of web app launched, We are at the position to launching our mobile app, which we believe we will reach the more wider audience.So before we launch our final version, we have decided to start Nepflights Mobile APP : Pre Launch Campaign.

What is Nepflights Mobile APP : Pre Launch Campaign?

This is the campaign to make you be informed, we are launching our mobile app very soon. We are running this campaign to provide you the chance to know about it earlier, test it and suggest us. You might be lucky to get the attractive prize.

Whom is this campaign for?

This campaign is for anyone who need our app, We want to reach them easily. We can send them information and offers. We think this will create additional value to our customer. We think people use our app for following reasons:

Travelling, Business trip, Making Money, Emergency, Information and enrich tourism in local

How can i participate in this?

This is very simple, Just enter your email id, get your referral link and share into your network.

What is the benefits to join this campaign?

The main benefits is getting access early to this app, beside it we are rewarding lots of price for top referrals. Currently the prizes are Mountain Flight, Trip to Sauraha, Movie Tickets and special discounts. Beside these more prizes are coming !!!

When this end?

Our maximum deadline is January 31 2015. But we can also end this before it. It depend on the response we get from market.

How can i win?

Every new email listed in our database coming from your referral will count and will be winner

What is the link of site?




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