Nepflights is solving the problem of domestic flight booking in Nepal

By NepFlights
29 Aug 2014

Problems of domestic flight booking and their solution

Nepflights has been established with the intention to help every person and organizations regarding online ticketing and booking of the flights all over Nepal. It aimed to offer best-value product and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Nepflights offers flight information in a well-integrated and easy-to-use design for online booking and ticketing.

We are solving Problem

Before we bring this idea, when people need flight ticket, either they have to go and ask to Travel Agency near by them or Make enquiry in website of Travel Agency and wait for response. Even not all travel agency has directly accessed to Booking system of Airlines, majority of them contact next bigger one (B2B), which cause the delay and unsure of getting plane in need. If this is the situation, imagine how is the situation of tourist who come to Nepal to visit different place and they have no link with Nepal. According to our market study, there are around more than registered 2500 Travel Agencies operated, which we can consider 3 website on average all performing only in the enquiry basis, which may create long back and forth conversation and high chance of not getting the ticket. Hence our idea of Nepflights: Online API based flight booking platform provides the realtime operational system with better services to all kind of users.

We want to be the platform

It’s obvious we are happy when someone buy ticket from our platform, but we are more than happy when we heard how we are being useful to all. As we always says, we have gone through lots of experiment but the goal is we want to see people use us with their interest. So we want to be platform not just another website or app.

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