Online Flight Ticketing situation in Nepal

By NepFlights
10 Apr 2014


Nepal as known for one of the best tourist destinations, where people love to see the natural beauty, feel the nature, sunk inside the hill, walking through the dense wild habitat. It’s a land of colorful cultures, ancient history and people, picturesque scenery and some of the best walking on earth attract tourist come to Nepal. But there are lot of things that make hectic for foreign tourist specially transportation, payment, hotel facilitation and information that they need. When tourist plan to make trip in Nepal, the first thing they always being worries is the flight inside Nepal. There are lot of reasons, the limited number of aircraft, few airports, weather situation, unreachable services and most of time manual systems make getting flight complicated for most people.

With the global impact of technological development, we can see some practices has done by different travel agencies and others for online flight ticketing. In most of the case, Travel Agencies are using Inquiry Form, where travel agent respond upon the query. There are lots of bad experience about this. Tourist who applied expected to get reply soon but due to the different timezone most of the companies closed at the moment and that make the tourist awaited for long. Another thing it can’t guarantee to get the ticket, because you can’t see the availability of ticket, so the response from Travel Agent might make disappointing to traveler. And the payment itself become complicated due to 3 -4 way transfer point. It means if traveler pays for ticket through payment gateway. first it goes to the traveler Agent’s Account and then only it goes to the Flight Booking Account and in most cases shows that many travel agencies refer another travel agency for booking. 



Beside it there are also some initiatives to make it automatic as much as possible. But the major problems comes because the individuals can’t solve it. the travel agencies are the mediators who connect traveler to airlines. They itself are using the service given by Airlines. In this scenario the risk factor grows and there might seen  doubt in accuracy. But where the challenge comes, there come probable opportunity. So the some travel company develop system seems automatic from scrap. But still the traveler can’t get guarantee. The idea of scraping is the technique of extracting the web content and data from specific website or system. It  means the view layer of some system or website, so where ever you do some action it call the original system and return the value. so it may cause lose of data/information, max time complexity and if some things goes wrong in view layer, it automatically sends wrong data so it might create conflict. So the point is here is not the solution.

The most stable way is possible only if an airlines provide their API,  API specifies a set of functions and routes that accomplish a specific task or are allowed to interact with a specific software. The major problem was not all the airlines had built this for users for long time. But finally, on March 2014, All Major Airlines make available this API, which make very simple and easier. which is automatic and very easy to book ticket ourselves. It shows ticket if only there is available so there is not chance to get conflict. The first API based online flight ticket booking portal is  .

Online Flight Ticketing

In this portal you can search flight with your requirement, compare the flights and book. After you booked your ticket you have to pay and the major challenges here in Nepal is payment gateway. For international payment most use Paypal, Master Card, Credit Card Payment and for local payment there are few like esewa, ipay, payway and bank transfer.

Once your payment confirmed you can get your ticket in your device. You don’t need to call any agent or you don’t need an assurance from other.

The things are developing, currently there is only one API based online ticket booking platform in Nepal but with the development of time and technology we will experience more innovation

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