Time and Need of Nepflights

By NepFlights
25 Feb 2015

“One of our happy costumers send this article to us. We are happy and exited at the same time that how somebody has depicted us so clearly, which really gives us a solid feeling that ” Yes, we are doing good and we are on the right way”

Here is what he has written about us in his own way :

The era has changed; people nowadays are bound within their gadgets. I remember those days when I used to walk to my school for about half an hour but now I don’t see the same scenario with the current scholar kids. Change and trends are universal; we all have to accept it.

I have not only experienced the above mentioned change but I can also see lots of online trading taking place and I personally enjoy it.

Accordingly the time has changed on the way how we buy and sell tickets of cinemas, shows, bus, airlines etc.

I am intended to focus on the online flight ticketing. Why should I waste my additional money and time on to get ticket? How worthy is time and money? Well in my case I don’t love to walk or ride to get a few tickets. Yeah it may be fine for few times but what if you travel frequently?

And here I get the solution that is from NepFlights.

How I See NepFlights?

Well, it is not just a site or platform for airline ticket booking. Its more than ticketing, its pleasure ticketing. No traveling before traveling that’s what I love.

Most importantly what I found is you can even run some small or medium sized business being an agent of NepFlights and this is not mandatory you can still book tickets without being an agent.

These days I don’t even like to carry cash cause I love to do things online laying on the bed, pillows on my back, and I guess I am not the only one from this earth. Yeah in the scene of Nepal, it may be kind of different but I also know that my friends are growing.

What if there was no NepFlights?

What should I do to search the flights operating to my destination?
How will I be checking the air fares, flight schedules?
What if I have to travel urgently?
How can I be sure that one seat can’t be issued to two or more passengers?  I have been facing this while traveling in buses.
What options will I have on an airline operator company?

So I guess, now you may have known what is NepFlights and its scenario surfacely.

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