After completion of its 5th leg, Solar Impulse-the fuel free plane will be flying over The Himalayas.

By NepFlights
01 Apr 2015

A brief conference meeting between Team Solar Impulse and Team NepFlights has paved the pathways for the Solar Impulse to fly over Himalayas and to land on Tribhuwan International Airport. In response to the Welcome Invitation sent from Nepflights on 28th March, 2015, Team Solar Impulse heartily accepted the Invitation and sent a letter of approval along with their presumed flight schedule on Tuesday 31st March, 2015 at GMT 10:41 AM.

The fuel free solar plane, that started its journey around the globe( termed as circumnavigation) on 9th March, 2015 03:12 UTC from Abu Dhabi, UAE has reached its 4 destined location Muscat, Ahmedabad , Varanasi, Mandalay and has finally landed on Chongqing, China on 30th March, 2015 17:30 GMT. Solar Impulse, weighing 2.3 tons which is on the mission of being the 1st solar plane to fly around the world has a wing span of 72 meters and average speed of 70km/hr.

The solar plane is scheduled for its next flight from Chongqing to Kathmandu on 3rd April, 2015 GMT 1:30. After covering a distance of 656 nmi and flight time of 13 hours and 15 minutes, the Solar Plane will be landing at Tribhuwan International Airport on Friday, 3rd April, 2015 GMT 14:45. The welcome ceremony for the solar plane will be jointly conducted by officials from Nepflights and Civil Aviation Authority Nepal. TIA officials have confirmed for a public observation of the plane for 2 hours. The plane observation will be held for general public at parking space of Tribhuwan International Airways for 2 hours. After landing in Nepal and attending its invitation from Nepflights, the Solar plane will continue further again to its pre-scheduled path. As per to continue its pre-scheduled path the plane will first fly from Kathmandu to Nanjing,China on 4th April, 2015 GMT 1:06 and will fly from Nanjing to Hawaii as per its planned schedule, making its first big ocean crossing.

We are overwhelmed to provide an open invitation to all our loyal customers for Welcome Ceremony of Solar Impulse in Nepal.

Happy April Fool

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  1. Ramesh Karki says:

    Wow ! its great to hear this, can you please tell us the procedure to get entry.
    thanks in advance

  2. nij says:

    aPRIL fOOL

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