Canoeing with Elephant breeding

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2 hrs

    Canoeing In Chitwan The shorter of our two canoe safaris takes you alongBuriRapti(the old lady river), and a good chance of seeing crocodiles, kingfisher, serpent eating eagles, monkeys, and other wildlife. The beauty of the canoe safari is the quiet glide through the water, and the chance to see the river and forest as the crocodile does – from a few inches above the water. The trip takes 45minutes to one hour and finishes conveniently for the ChitwanHattisar Elephant Breeding Centre. Elephant Breeding Center The elephant breeding centre supports the wild and trained herds of Chitwan elephants by ensuring a steady supply of elephant calves. Expect to see  several cow elephants, and calves of ages from a few days to a few years old. Expect also to be moved - there are few things in Chitwan so endearing as a baby elephant!
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