New Year 2015 Resolutions : Everyone will fly

By NepFlights
01 Jan 2015

We born in 2014, we struggle for whole year. We spend most of the time to understand the market and customers. I don’t remember how many time we changed our system. At the end of the year, We achieve few things, we prove our self, we convince and answer everyone who were not sure and had questions.

Today, we are more excited, with new year we are coming with new ideas. Our team is ready to deliver what we say, Here is our resolution for 2015

Nepflights New year Resolution

Nepflights Resolution 2015


 1) We will bring more airlines in our platform.

We have already hit the head of the nail. The major players are already inside the fields and more are coming. We hope Nepal Airlines, Goma Airlines will be competence.

Interestingly we will not limited with domestic flights only, eventually we will bring to and from flight of Nepal will be in our platform.


 2) We will do more offers, discounts and interesting campaign

Last year, our 2 campaigns were famous and one of the winner of that campaign got lucky to win Iphone6. This year we will come with more exciting gamifications. No more secret, we will also start reward points so every time you fly you will earn something.


 3) We will bring mobile apps

As our commitment, We will launch mobile app very soon.


 4) We will fully embrace Social Media

We want to connect with our people with every means we have. We are going more deeper in social networks.


5)  We will bring more choices to buy

We know not everyone is comfortable with online ticketing or online payment. We want to expand our offline network more broader and more wider. We want to see lots of shops selling ticket all over the Nation.


We wish you A Happy New Year.




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