NEPAL TRAVEL ADVISORY | 09 July 2015 status

By NepFlights
14 Jul 2015

After recent earthquake happen on April 25 and May 12, 2015, Everyone has put lots of effort to recover but at the same time people have lots of question on mind about life of Nepalese people. Due to the information which spread all over the world fueled by poor journalism has created the different imagination. So here you will see the Travel Advisory from Nepal Tourism Recovery and Strategic Group.

Some Highlights:

Area No effected anyway by earthquake.

Many parts of the country were unaffected (or only mildly affected) by the earthquakes.

Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Gautauma Buddha; the tea plantations of Ilam; Lakeside and Pokhara; Janakphur; Chitwan, Bardia and Kosi Tappu National Parks are all operating as normal.

The Annapurnas, Mustang, Dolpo, the Far West and eastern mountains (Kanchenjunga) are largely unaffected by the earthquake. Trekkers and mountain bikers have been enjoying the empty trails there for the past few months. As above, monsoon can have big impacts on safe travel so do exercise caution.

Note: Mustang, Dolpo and Humla are generally not affected by monsoon as they are in the rain shadow.


Rafting – Limited: rafting opportunities are always limited in the monsoon period. The Bhote Khosi river and rafting area is in the YELLOW zone and not operating. Consult your Rafting Outfitter

Bungee Jumping – Limited. Consult your Tour Operator The second highest bungee in the world at the Last Resort is currently closed (YELLOW zone). There is a possibility it may re-open in autumn. The bungee in Pokhara is operating as normal.

Paragliding & Parahawking Operating as normal although flight opportunities are very limited in the monsoon. Most of the Paragliding and Parahawking happen in Pokhara which sustained little or no damage at all during the earthquake.

Paddle Boarding Operating as normal. This happens in Pokhara’s Phewa Lake and it has sustained no damage at all.

Canyoning – Not Advisable in popular areas. The most popular canyoning happens in the Bhote Koshi Corridor, in one of the YELLOW districts. In newer opened canyons, use caution as expert assessments have not been done. Talk to your specialist operator

Wildlife Watch / Birding – Operating as normal. Consult your Specialist Provider …..

Festivals – Good to Go. Nepal never stops with regards to festivals. Faith is so big in this country that this goes on. See a list of events here to check when you can enjoy it where.


For more details see here

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