5 Ways Book Your Flights with Buddha Air

By nepflights
08 Jun 2022

We all know how the internet has brought a revolution in the travel industry with its convenience and fast access. A few years back we had to visit the airline office to get out air tickets but now it has all shifted online. But when we are talking about online access to flights, relying on one might not be the wisest choice. In fact, having a wide variety of online options to book your flight tick is important so that you avoid any risks and get your tickets at a reasonable price. Booking flights online is easier than you think. From booking to billing everything can be done with a few clicks on your phone.  In this blog, we will discuss 5 different ways you can book your flight with Nepal’s number 1 airline ‘Buddha airline’. 

Top 5 best ways to book domestic flights with buddha air

Buddha Air is one of Nepal’s best airlines proving top-notch flight services to the public for 25 years since 1997.  The airline is also one of Nepal’s biggest and longest operating private domestic airlines. Additionally, the airline flies to 15 travel destinations and operates through 41 flight routes. It has been flying both domestic and international flights. With time, buddha Airlines has adapted to the need of the public and made its service even more accessible. Everything you need to know about the airline and its service is just a click away. Let us guide you on how. 

1.Flight booking through the official Buddha air Website:

You can simply open your mobile or computer browser and open this link: https://www.buddhaair.com/. This link to take you to the official website of Buddha air where you can view all flight information about the airline. All you have to do is 

  • Type your departure destination, 
  • Type and select your arrival destination,
  • Pick a departure date, 
  • Pick a return date if the flight is  two way,
  • Select your nationality,
  • Type the number of travelers,
  • And click the search flight button to the right.

2.Flight booking through the official Buddha air app: 

Buddha Air has its official mobile app launched both on Android and IOS. What you need to do to book a flight through the buddha air app are:

  • Just open your play store/ app store
  • Type Buddha air and install the app
  • There you can find each section allocated for booking flights, checking flight status, ticket status, and others. 
  • For booking your flight through the app follow the same process like that on the website. 

In case of any important queries, check out the  FAQ section. In addition, the app also consists of some amazing discounts available. 

3.Flight booking through digital wallets:

This has to be the most convenient way of booking your air ticket. Digital wallets have a special section in their application that allows the user to pay for the flight however there is also a different section that allows the user to book flights. Choosing a digital wallet is the best option because of the flight prices you can compare during your search, discounts, and coupon codes.  

  • Just open any digital wallet you use like Khalti or IME Pay or Esewa.
  • Slide to the search flight section and search for the flight you wish to fly to. 
  • Place your flight ticket order.
  • Pay for the flight. 
  • Receive the digital ticket through the digital wallet app. 

In case of booking your air tickets through a digital wallet, do not expect the airline itself to be responsible for the refund. Contact your digital wallet customer services for any problem you face while air ticket booking.

4.Flight booking through Agents:

A traditional way of booking airline tickets in case of long travel hours to the respective airline is flight booking through Agents. Especially for those who have been much advanced in terms of digital presence can use this means of air ticketing. Agents are either available online or you can simply choose to phone them. 

5.Google to book  your flight:

Using Google is a piece of cake for most of us. So why not use it also to book flights? Not just google, but you can use any other search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing, or yahoo to book your flight. Just go to the search engine and search for the flight and the airline. Click the link that pops up on your screen. That is also a way how you can land up on the website of buddha air.  Besides, this might not be the most reliable way to book airtickets so always make sure you are visiting an authentic site.

Why online flight booking?

Wait a minute. Before we dive into the main topic, we would like to clear your doubts about online flight booking. Let’s check out why choose online flight booking.

  1. Makes your traveling process completely hassle-free 
  2. Online bookings can offer exciting flight coupons and offers 
  3. No need to waste your time lining up in the long queue at the airport or visiting the airline office

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