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07 Dec 2022

Nepal is one of the most affordable destinations with spectacular natural beauty around the world. For tourists, especially those on a shoestring budget, Nepal is simply the most lovely place to be which also imparts a culturally diverse environment. There are many affordable places to stay and dine, breathtaking mountain scenery, cost-effective public transportation, and culturally rich heritage. There are numerous places in this tiny nation sandwiched between china and India from mountains to trekking trails, lakes to temples, and UNESCO heritages to high-altitude national parks. If you are someone looking forward to visiting Nepal for any sort of trekking and traveling activity, religious visit,  or just for a simple getaway, you might be looking for flight tickets for sure. Well if yes, this blog is for you since we will discuss all the cheap flights available in Nepal and how to get them. 

Cheapest month to fly to Nepal 

best time to fly in nepal

There are multiple factors that are responsible for determining the cheapest month to fly to Nepal. One of the major factors in advance air ticket booking. Besides, the cheapest month to fly can differ from time to time. Right now, February is the cheapest month to fly to Nepal and June is the most expensive one. 

Cheapest month

Expensive month


The best month to travel in Nepal: Best peak season

The best month to travel in Nepal depends upon the visitor’s purpose of traveling.  Nepal is a country full of ethnic variety, natural magnificence, and rich history. According to the tourism board of Nepal, in 2019, approximately 1.2 million international tourists visited Nepal. Additionally, most tourists come to visit Nepal to observe and enjoy nature. Similarly, trekking, hiking, and mountaineering are some of the major activities tourists are generally involved in. 

Therefore, the best time to travel in Nepal is either autumn or spring. Months like August, September, and October or March, April, and May are perfect to travel in Nepal due to the good weather conditions. During these months the chances of rainfall are low, the days are sunny and the sky is clear. Besides, Nepal also celebrates most of its festivals during these months. Some of the major festivals celebrated during these months are

  • Holi
  • Chaitra Dasain
  • Ghode Jatra
  • Biska Jatra
  • Nepalese New Year
  • Red Machhendranath Jatra
  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Gai Jatra
  • Teej
  • Waqf-al-Adha – Hajj
  • Indra Jatra
  • Dasain (Durga Puja)

Likewise, months like June and July are not the best months to visit Nepal because the chances of rainfall are high. Rainfall occurs almost family during June and July. 

The best months to travel in Nepal:

August, September, October, March, April, and May
Not the very best month to travel in Nepal:

June and July

Off-peak season, Off-season Travel Guide-Nepal

Off-peak Season:

As mentioned above, the rainy season (June and July) might not be the best fit for traveling however the flight prices during these months (June and July) are quite cheap


Likewise, other months like December and January are also not very feasible for traveling due to cold temperatures. The chilly cold temperature during December and January mainly affects tourists visiting high altitudes. However, airfare during December and January is also cheap compared to other months. 

What do you need to pack for a flight to Nepal? 

Well, another factor where you should consider seasons and topography is when you pack your luggage. Let us discuss the things that would be the best choice to pack for a flight to Nepal as per the topography and season:


The Terai region of Nepal is extremely cold during the winter and extremely hot during the summer. Besides, the spring and autumn in Terai are good. Therefore pack light clothes for summer, spring and autumn while carrying some sweaters and hats during the winter. 

The Hilly region has the most blissful climatic conditions as the summer is not too hot, the springs are beautiful and the winters as refreshingly cold. If traveling to a hilly region, pack according to the season you are traveling in. 

The Mountain region has a cold climatic conditions almost all month. Therefore, you better carry a jacket, woolen gloves, woolen hats, and other significant gear while traveling to the mountain region of Nepal irrespective of the seasons. 


Nepal’s summer temperatures range from 67 degrees to 81 degrees and winter temperatures range from 36 degrees to 68 degrees. Choose to pick light comfy clothes for the summer and spring. Besides, pack some warm clothes for winter and rainy season. 

How to find flights from Nepal?

You can choose to fly from different airlines through the internet but did you know that you can compare and book flights from just one reliable app? Well, Nepflights is an award-winning service provider with great customer support and reliance. Nepflights provides multiple flight packages from different airlines where you can compare the service,  duration, and price and pick the best. 

Some of the major travel destinations you can choose to fly through net flights are

  • Lukla to Kathmandu,
  •  Kathmandu to Rara,
  • Nepaljung to Simikot,
  • Kathmandu to Jomsom,
  • Pokhara to Janakpur
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara, and many more.

Besides airplane flights, Nepflights also offers helicopter flight services. One strategy for traveling on a budget is to know when to book your flights. Choosing a low-cost airline is additional. However, there are further actions you can do to cut costs on air travel. NepFlights was created specifically to assist passengers with simple internet ticketing and airline booking throughout Nepal. The greatest offers, services, and cutting-edge technology are what we strive to provide, coupled with devoted round-the-clock client assistance. For online booking and ticketing, we provide flight information in a well-integrated and user-friendly format. The ability to evaluate and select their favorite tickets from a variety of possibilities is available to travelers

Airlines flying to Nepal:

Air IndiaINR 6000
Nepal airlinesNRP 6000
Qatar airwaysQAR 900
Etihad airwaysGBP 1000


What is the cheapest month to fly to Nepal? 

The straight answer to this question is January. January is the least expensive month to fly to Nepal because it comes after the holidays and most people return to their jobs by January

Which day has the lowest airfare?

As per the statistics, booking a flight for Tuesday or Wednesday for domestic travel can help you save up to 18% off peak prices, to be exact per round-trip ticket. Likewise, booking a flight for Thursday for international travel can help you save up to 6%, or on a roundtrip ticket

When should you purchase airline tickets?

It can be challenging to determine when to purchase tickets for flights. If you are traveling for the very first time, you might even have a doubt if you should buy them months in advance or when your trip is closer. Since you are unsure if the costs increase or decrease during that time, the normal rule for domestic flights is to make flight purchases at least 20 days in advance. Similarly, make reservations at least 45 days before international departure

How to find the cheapest time to visit Nepal? 

Visit during the shoulder season, which is from March to April, when the weather is still ideal for hiking and animal viewing and hotel rates are a little bit lower. Besides, traveling to Nepal in the winter offers even greater financial savings and is a great opportunity to explore the Terai and other milder lowland regions. The monsoon season (approximately from the month of June to September) is the least expensive period to visit Nepal, but views are obscured by thick clouds, and travel can be difficult because of flooding and landslides

Which airlines to fly in Nepal? 

Nepal currently operates only one international airport i.e. Tribhuvan international airport, Kathmandu. Thus, the airport is prone to facing traffic from several airlines. Thus, while flying from Asia or the Middle East to Nepal, you can expect transits. Some active airlines flying to Nepal are Nepal Airlines, Air China, Air India, Qatar, Jet Airways, and Oman Air

How long time does it take to fly to Nepal? 

The flight duration to Nepal depends on multiple factors like departure destinations, transits, and flight conditions.  This means the time you take to fly to Nepal from India is surely less than from the US. If you are willing to fly from NYC, USA your trip flight time might be around 16 hours transit excluded. Likewise, if you are willing to fly to Nepal from India, the flight duration might be around 1 hour and 40 minutes with no transits at all

What is the weather like in Nepal? 

Nepal has a diverse topography and is divided in to three major physical topography that is: Terai, Hilly, and mountain. The Terai, reason is often humid, hilly is perfectly moderate, and the mountain region is chilly and cold although the physical topography of Nepal plays a vital role in the weather of Nepal, the overall weather condition in Nepal is pretty fine. Besides topography, the season is also a major factor influencing the weather conditions in Nepal. You can expect fine sunny days during the summer, spring and autumn whereas the weather conditions during the rainy and winter season are gloomy and cold respectively. Additionally, Nepal’s summer temperatures range from 67 degrees to 81 degrees and winter temperatures range from 36 degrees to 68 degrees

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