Manakamana Mandir Darshan

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17 Jan 2023

The Manakamana temple is one of Nepal’s oldest and most visited temples. The craze among the public regarding the visit to Manakamana has made tour organizers come up with many Mandir Darshan Tour packages. Manakamana, the name of this revered temple, denotes that it is the shrine to the goddess of wish. People who go to this holy site and make a wish with a pure heart are said to receive what they wished for, according to local belief. This shrine is located in Nepal’s Gorkha district at an elevation of 1,302 meters on a high hillside. The peak provides a stunning view of the Marshyangdi River in the west and the spectacular Trishuli River in the south. The Manakamana ‘Darshan’ (visit) also provides a sweeping vista of northern mountain peaks

These well-known far-off peaks are Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Himchuli, and Mt. Annapurna. Additionally, the distance between Manakamana and Kathmandu is about 140 kilometres (87 miles). The Prithvi Highway is generally used from kathamandu to travel to Kurintar, Chitwan, where one can then take a cable car to the Muktinath temple. Beginning with a cable car journey at Kurintar along the Trishuli river at the foot of the hill, the Manakamana Mandir darshan tours usually move forward to the temple itself. Walking to Manakamana temple from the bottom up is no longer an option due to the efficiency provided by cable cars. The manakamana cable car is also Nepal’s first ropeway. Besides cable car, you can also use the conventional trail from the bottom if you want to hike to Manakamana

The myth and belief of Manakamana

A widely revered sacred site of the Hindu Goddess Bhagwati, an avatar of Parvati, the Manakamana Devi temple is located on a 1300-meter hill, 105 kilometres west of Kathmandu. Talking about the mythological belief of this temple, the name of this temple is made of two words mana, which means heart, and Kamana, which means wish. These two words are combined to form the name Manakamana. The Goddess Bhagwati is particularly well-liked among Hindu newlyweds who pray for a boy child since it is believed that she rewards pilgrims to her temple by granting their requests 

Besides interesting mythology explains the Manakamana temple’s background and location in a different way. The queen of Rama Shah, the king of Gorkha in the seventeenth century, was supposed to possess magical abilities that were known only to Lakhan Thapa, one of her followers. When the Queen appeared as a goddess and Lakhan Thapa took the appearance of a lion, the Queen’s husband was shown her secret one day. Soon after, the King unexpectedly passed away, and the Queen performed Sati (ritual immolation) on her husband’s funeral pyre in accordance with the custom of the time. The Queen had assured her devotee Lakhan Thapa that he would soon see her again before she passed away. Later, while preparing a field, a farmer came across a stone that was spewing blood and milk. When Lakhan Thapa heard about this, he became convinced that it was a message from the deceased queen and built a temple in her honor at the location where the stone had been found. The Lakhan Thapa-built temple was replaced with the one that exists today, dating from the 19th century. According to tradition, the temple priest must be a relative of Lakhan Thapa.

The Manakamana temple offers stunning views of the Manaslu, Himalchuli, and Annapurna ranges to the north as well as the Trisuli and Marshyang-di river valleys. A large sacred magnolia tree stands guard over the temple’s square location. The Nepalese festivals Dashain (in September–October) and Nag Panchami (in July–August), draw a sizable number of travellers from all across the nation to Manakamana

Today, visitors are transported to the temple site from Cheres’ base station by cable car after a 10- to 15-minute ride 

The Lakhan Thapa ‘Gupha’ (cave), which bears the name of the Manakamana temple’s founder and is about an hour’s walk from the Manakamana temple, and passes by the Bakeshwar Mahadev Mandir Shiva shrine

Manakamana mandir periphery

The Manakamana temple offers stunning views of the Manaslu, Himalchuli, and Annapurna ranges to the north as well as the Trisuli and Marshyang-di river valleys. A large sacred magnolia tree stands guard over the temple’s square location. From the settlement of Kurintar on the Trisuli River, pilgrims used to make a lengthy and difficult climb up to the mountaintop temple. Nowadays, the cable car ride of 10-15 minutes brings visitors from the base station in Cheres to the temple site with ease

Manakamana Cable car ride

In Nepal, the cable car is a relatively new invention compared to other means of transportation. But the means has quickly gained enormous popularity among both locals and visitors. Visitors are transported to the temple of Goddess Manakamma after a 10-minute ride on a cable car. On the highway to Pokhara, 104 kilometres from Kathmandu, is Cheres, where the cable car trip begins. One can reach the Manakamana temple in just ten minutes from Cheres’ base station. The ride travels 2.8 kilometres in total

Manakamana cable car route

Manakamana cable car begins in Kurintar, also known as the Prithvi highway, which is on the route from Kathmandu to Sauraha Chitwan and Pokhara. These destinations are 106 kilometres from Kathmandu, 102 kilometres from Pokhara, and 62 kilometres from Sauraha Chitwan, respectively. Manakamana Cable Car is an Austrian-engineered cable car that travels 2.8 km from the Prithvi Highway to the Manakamana temple at an elevation of 1000 m. One of the most well-known Hindu pilgrimage sites in Nepal is Manakamana Temple, which is situated in the Gorkha district and offers a panoramic view of the Manaslu, Annapurna, Trishuli River Valley, Marsyangdi Valley, long hill range, and many other mountains

1.Cable Car Operation Timings

09.00 AM to 12:00 NOON and 13:30 PM to 17:00 PM

Lunch Break from 12:00 NOON to 13:30 PM

2.Manakamana Cable Car Popularity

About 600 people ride the Manakamana cable car each hour. Since the number of pilgrims visiting Manakamana can occasionally be at its peak, you might need to join the line. The carriers can also carry 6 people at once, and their speeds range from 0 to 5.5 meters per second. Therefore, at 5.5 m/s, the entire ride time on the Manakamana cable car will be 8.40 minutes

3.Manakamana Cabe car Price

The price for the cable car ride may vary depending on the time of year and any special promotions that may be offered. It’s always best to check with the cable car operator for the most up-to-date pricing information

Category Price For One wayTwo Way
Adult Nepali Rs 395 Rs 675
Child Nepali ( 3- 4 feet)Rs 240 Rs 405
Student Nepali Rs 300Rs 505
Elderly Nepali 60 + yrsRs 275 Rs 470
Indian AdultRs 496 Rs 840
Indian Child Rs 320 Rs 552
SAARC Country & Chinese Adult/ChildUSD 6 USD 10
Foreigner Adult /ChildUSD 11 USD 20

Manakamana Cable Car Safety

Regarding the safety of the cable car, the first thing that might come to a visitors mind is the power supply. In case of a power outage, the backup generator ensures that the Manakamana cable car continues to run without incident. Additionally equipped with a hydraulic emergency drive, the cable car works well in every situation. In a similar vein, highly qualified personnel are always prepared for a rescue mission at Manakamana cable car services since the cable car maker has also provided the workers with cutting-edge rescue equipment

How can I book Manakamana Mandir Darshan service?

Online payment methods are one of the best ways to book the Manakamana mandir service. Esewa and Khalti are popular ways to purchase Manakamana Cable Car tickets. These mediums can be used to book the entire Manakamana package

Kathmandu To Manakamana Bus/ HiaceTicket 

There are buses that travel from Kathmandu to Kurintar as well. From Kathmandu, you can take a local bus to Balaju Bus Park. Similarly, Hike on Travels allows you to purchase bus tickets from Kathmandu to Manakamana. In contrast to buses, the Hiace is the best alternative, and it is also the fastest. You can choose to plan your trip to the Holy Manakamana temple at the most affordable price with a hike on the travel Manakamana Mandir Darshan Tour Package

One of the most visited religious sites in Nepal is the Manakamana mandir. Every year, millions of people go from all around the world to the Manakamana temple. People go to Manakamana Mandir Darsan with a pure heart because they believe that their wishes will be granted afterward. Hike on Travel offers Manakamana Tour Package from Kathmandu and Pokhara to make your vacation more pleasant so that you can enjoy it with your family. After Manakamana Mandir Darsan, you can go to Bandipur. In the case of tour packages, you may reserve a tour package to Kathmandu, Manakamana, and Bandipur

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