Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter Tour

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26 Aug 2022

Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter tour is one of the most popular, comfortable, and adventurous ways to reach Muktinath from Pokhara. People around the world come to visit Muktinath often popular as Lord Vishnu’s sacred shrine. Additionally, Muktinath Temple is important to both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims worldwide. The flight time for this helicopter tour is only 60 minutes.

It is absolutely the best pick for older individuals and those with limited time for pastoral visits. In fact, the Muktinath Heli Tour package is intended for those who have limited time for overland travel to Muktinath or a foot trek via Jomsom. During the Muktinath helicopter tour, you will soar above the picturesque valleys while taking in views of snow-capped mountains like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

On reaching Muktinath vicinity, you will be able to explore not just the temple itself but also places like Jwala Mai Temple and Dhola Mebar Gompa.

Significance of Muktinath

The Pagoda-style Muktinath Temple is a representation of the coexistence of Hindu and Buddhist religions. Hindus believe that this is where Lord Vishnu found deliverance from Vrinda’s curse to become Saligram (Ammonites) and separated from his wife. The holy shrine is one of eight such shrines that is supposed to have appeared on its own (the others include Srirangam, Sri Mushnam, Tirupati, Naimisaranyam, Thottadri, Pushkaram, and Badrinath).

Thus, the locals and travelers explored this shrine in the early 19th century and named it Muktinath (Lord of Liberation). At Muktinath, you may sit and gaze at the snow-covered Annapurna range to the south or the Tibetan plains to the north against an incredibly desolate backdrop. For all spiritual people on the south Asian subcontinent, Mukti is of utmost importance meaning freedom.

For devoted Hindus, the Sanskrit name Muktinath has a spiritual undertone and a certain emotional resonance. Every year Muktinath welcomes thousands of devotees who come to find the much-desired freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Every Hindu wishes to be freed from the cycle of births and death and achieve Mukti-Nirvana. As per the mythical stories, this world is “MAYA” (an illusion), and the sooner one leaves it, the better.

It is also one of the four holy places that the Hindus refer to as Muktichhetra (place of salvation). Hindus regard many of the Shaligrams (ammonites) discovered during the Muktinath Tour to be incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and they adore them. As mentioned above, Lord Vishnu, according to Hindu myth, changed into Shaligram as a result of Brinda’s curse. Despite being open all year round, Rishitarpani, Ram Navami, and Bijay Dashami are particularly busy times at Muktinath Temple. These festivals are celebrated here by thousands of pilgrims.



  • A luxury helicopter rides from Pokhara to Muktinath and returns from Muktinath to Pokhara.
  • Fantastic perspective of Mount Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world (8,163m) along with Mt.Annapurna and Mt.Dhaulagiri.
  • Picturesq view of Muktinath Village, Jomsom, Kagbeni, and the Holy Gandaki River.
  • Holy bathing beneath 2 holy Kundas and 108 cold water springs.
  • Worship the shrine and god Vishnu.


  • Fly from Pokhara to Muktinath at 7:30 AM.
  • Participate in the Pooja and Havan at 8:15 AM (duration 30 minutes).
  • Return to Pokhara by 9:15 AM.
  • Return to the hotel by 10 AM.


Helicopter Charter Cost: US$ 2000
Group participation cost per person: US$ 500
Maximum Number of Participants per helicopter: 5


  • Airport transfer (Pickup and drop facility)
  • Insurance for Travelers
  • Helicopter transport to Muktinath temple Fee
  • Entry fee and required permissions


  • Nepal entry visa cost
  • Personal refreshment expenses
  • Accommodation expenses in Kathmandu


1.Do helicopter flights have weight restrictions?

The helicopter can hold a maximum of 5 passengers, not including the pilots. The minimum requirement of 3 Pax will cause the helicopter to depart on a shared basis. In addition, Children over the age of three are permitted on helicopter trips.

2.Is considering weather conditions important on Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

The weather in the mountains is frequently erratic however the overall weather prediction heavily depends on the day’s morning breeze and temperature. To prevent inclement weather, we advise you to make your travel dates flexible by 3 to 4 days. You can attempt the next day if the weather caused the flight to be canceled.

3.Is there a maximum age limit to participate in Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

No, there is no upper age limit for taking Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter Tour. Children above 3 years old are eligible for a helicopter tour. Besides, the helicopter tour is accessible to people of all ages.

4.When is the perfect time to go for Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

The perfect time to go for Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter Tour is February and November due to clear weather. The monsoon season, which lasts from June through August, is however not the best time for this helicopter tour as it brings exceptionally significant rainfall.

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