How to travel during rainy season

By nepflights
17 Apr 2023

Imagine making all the plans for traveling and the rain just hits. Traveling during the rain is always a big hassle no matter where we go. Your favorite sites might even be closed during rain for safety concerns. You might get wet or even get sick which will be a bummer.

However, traveling in the rain can bring you a unique atmosphere.  With fewer crowds, you can enjoy a more peaceful and intimate experience with the destination you are visiting. The rain also has a way of transforming familiar places into stunningly beautiful and serene settings. The way the raindrops glisten and sparkle on the trees and flowers can create a breathtaking scene that is truly magical. Moreover, the sound of rain can be calming and relaxing, creating a perfect ambiance for introspection and reflection.

Another advantage of traveling in the rain is that the cooler weather can provide a welcome relief from the hot and humid climate. The air is fresher and more pleasant to breathe, which can help to rejuvenate your body and mind. Additionally, traveling in the rainy season can sometimes provide opportunities to avail of great deals and discounts, as tourist destinations may lower their prices due to the lower demand.  So here are some tips to make sure to enjoy the rain while traveling.

Checking the weather forecast beforehand

Making a plan for your outdoor ventures is always an exciting part of travelling but a part of planning is  to check weather forecast. You will have to plan accordingly because if it rains in spring or autumn then temperature  drastically decreases which will result in colder atmosphere making you feel cold or even sick. Well there are many websites to check the weather forecast like Google Weather which is very reliable and can show the weather for up to 15 days or more. This can help you pack things and visit places accordingly. So always check your weather before travelling out.

Preparing for travel delays

Rainy weather can have a significant impact on various aspects of travel, such as flights, roads, and drainage systems. What’s the point of travelling to a place if you cant make it?

While travelling from air, your flight might experience delays or  even get canceled. Strong wind can cause turbulence during flights which makes landing difficult or even pose a supposed safety threat  to the passengers. Your safety comes first so flight delay or cancellation is for your own safety.

In many parts of upper Nepal, travelling through roads can be a hassle as it can be affected by rainfall which leads to blockades due to landslide and fallen trees. As a result travel schedules can be hindered which leads to delay in your travelling. We must prepare beforehand for potential blockade.

Furthermore, drainage problems possess huge treat as flooding may occur which might hinder your travelling.

Wearing layers of dress

 Weather in Nepal changes drastically . When travelling in rainy weather, it is essential for us to  dress in layers to ensure our comfort and protection. Rain is a big factor to drop the temperature, especially during the spring and autumn seasons, and this sudden drop in temperature can leave us feeling cold  However, once the sun comes up, the temperature can rise quickly, temperature may rise quickly and we may feel too hot with your current dressing.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear light clothes underneath and layer up with weatherproof jackets, which can be easily taken off or put back on, as required. This will ensure that you are comfortable and protected from the elements, no matter what the weather decides to do

Bring rain essentials like a raincoat or an umbrella.

While raining , it is common to carry an umbrella. They are an essential equipment  which avoids us form getting drenched and uncomfortable. Umbrella are great for light rains but it does not  provide enough protection from heavy rain and winds. A strong gush of wind will take out your umbrella in a second .

In such cases, a raincoat can be more effective and reliable. Make sure to choose a raincoat that fits you well and is made of waterproof material. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to pack it in your travel bag so that you are always prepared for unexpected showers.

Travelling with water resistance equipment

 Waterproof or water resistant shoes are crucial to keep our feet dry and avoid slipping on wet surface. Wet feet may result on you getting sick, so it’s important to keep them dry. Another tip is to carry a good water resistant bag to keep out essentials dry. We can also use rain cover for our backpacks to protect our belongings from getting wet during sudden shower or heavy pours.

By keeping these five points in mind, We can ensure that your travels remain uninterrupted and enjoyable, even when it rains. Rather than letting the rain dampen your spirits, view it as a unique opportunity to discover a new side of the destination you already love. Embrace the cooler temperatures, the serene atmosphere, and the discounted rates, while also taking precautions to stay dry and comfortable. With a positive attitude and some planning, your rainy day adventure can be just as memorable as a sunny day excursion.

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