Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour

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    About Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour

    If you are a spiritual enthusiast who is looking to explore the marvels of Nepal, you cannot miss out on visiting the holy Damodar Kunda. Nestled at an elevation of 4890 meters, Damodar Kunda is a popular destination that attracts Hindu pilgrims from all over the world. The Damodar Kunda helicopter tour offers visitors the chance to experience the cultural and natural beauty of the famous religious site in Upper Mustang. The tour includes witnessing special rituals at Chakra Pool, participating in the unique festival of Janai Purnima and ChaiteDashai, and viewing the birthplace of Shaligram. Visitors can also witness the region's biodiversity, including wildlife and the stunning Himalayan ranges and vibrant Rhododendrons. Interacting with locals provides a unique cultural experience, making the trip even more captivating. The tour offers a comprehensive experience of the site's cultural, natural, and religious significance.



    • Arrival and departure pickup and drop off
    • Twin-sharing hotel accommodations in accordance with the itinerary
    • Hot beverages
    • Private transportation for the duration of the journey as planned
    • Visitor fees and sightseeing fees
    • A privately chartered helicopter
    • Airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu


    • Personal costs 
    • Additional hotel charges
    • Anything besides specifying the price included

Details for Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour

Damodar Kunda, a renowned sacred site located in Upper Mustang, is considered the spiritual hub of the liberated region. According to the Puranas, Kubera's offspring purified themselves by bathing in Damodar Kunda, absolving their sins. In the Dwapar era, Lord Krishna was tethered to a tree by his mother Yashodha. When Lord Krishna struggled, the trees were uprooted. The trees that Krishna cut down were the sons of Kuber, Nal Kuber, who was cursed by Narthi and turned into a tree's root for ridiculing him. Nal Kuber sought salvation while rooted like a tree, and Narthi declared that only Lord Krishna's touch during the Dwapar era could release him from the curse. Therefore, while Lord Krishna dragged the rope attached by Yashodha Mata, Nal Kuber flew in the air, with demons in tree form surrounding him. Nal Kuber also prayed to be freed from sin, even if he were freed from the curse. Lord Krishna told him to go to Damodar Kunda, as the Kush dam thrown from Vrindavan used to fall into it. Nal Kuber went there to be saved, and the Puranas mention that he was rescued by bathing in the same reservoir. As a result, this place is known as Damodar because of the rope thrown by Krishna from Vrindavan, and the reservoir's origin is named Damodar Kunda. Damodar Kunda has three reservoirs, namely Chakra Kunda, Dudh Kunda, and Tama Kunda, with Chakra Kunda being the primary one. Chakra Kunda and Dudh Kunda are situated in the same location, while Tama Kunda is roughly 100 meters away. Visitors bathe and perform special rituals at Chakra Kunda, and eye-shaped rainbow images are visible in the Chakra Pool. Damodar Kunda is also renowned for its cultural significance, as a unique festival is held on Janai Purnima and ChaiteDashai. People from various districts of Nepal and India come to participate in this fair, as the water in this Kunda is believed to originate from Man Sarovar, one of the most significant Hindu pilgrimage sites. Damodar Kunda is the birthplace of Shaligram, and Muktinath's priests and locals believe that bathing in it absolves all sins. The local people provide a unique cultural environment that visitors can interact with. Damodar Kunda's natural beauty and biodiversity are also essential. It is home to various wildlife, including Noir, Rabbit, and Wolf, and one can catch a glimpse of Nepal's stunning Himalayan ranges and vibrant Rhododendrons on the way to the site. 

Time duration

The flight itself lasts for two hours, and another two hours are spent touring Muktinath and Damodar Kunda. The Muktinath and Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour is the perfect choice for people who want to get to Muktinath and Damodar Kunda quickly and without experiencing any physical hardships. Another option is to depart from Kathmandu on a direct chartered flight.

Best time to visit Damodar Kunda 

The Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour is a popular adventure activity in Nepal that offers a thrilling experience to travellers who want to explore the beauty of the Himalayas from the air. However, there are specific times of the year that are more suitable for the tour, while other times may not be as favourable. The best time to participate in the Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour is from late April to early June and from September to November. During these periods, the weather is relatively stable, with clear skies and good visibility, making it easier to observe the beautiful mountain landscapes and natural scenery. The temperature during these months is mild, and there is a low chance of rainfall or any other climatic disturbances that may interfere with the tour. On the other hand, the monsoon season from June to August is not the ideal time for a helicopter tour of Damodar Kunda. The weather during this period is characterized by heavy rainfall, strong winds, and thick cloud cover, making it difficult to enjoy the aerial view. The monsoon season can also increase the risk of landslides and other natural calamities, which may pose a danger to participants. Likewise, winter from December to February is also not a good time for the Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour. The weather during this period is harsh, with extremely cold temperatures and snowfall, making the tour dangerous and uncomfortable. Moreover, the visibility is poor, and there is a high risk of fog, which may affect the helicopter's safe navigation.

Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour Cost

To make a trip to the stunning Damodar Kunda lake affordable, it's necessary to charter a flight with a maximum number of people. Each helicopter flight can accommodate a maximum of 3 to 5 persons, so the total charter helicopter cost can be divided among the group. However, please note that a special entry permit of USD 500 per person is required to visit Damodar Kunda, in addition to the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entry permit which costs USD 30 per person. It's important to obtain both permits for all travellers at least a week in advance of the trip. With these necessary preparations, visitors can enjoy the beauty and serenity of this remarkable destination without any hassle.


Can I go fishing or swimming in Damodar Kunda?

No, fishing or swimming in Damodar Kunda is not allowed as it is considered a sacred site.

Are there any restrictions on the number of people allowed in a helicopter?

Yes, there are restrictions on the number of people allowed in a helicopter, which vary depending on the helicopter operator’s advice.

What is the best time of year to go on the Damodar Kunda helicopter tour?

The optimal time to embark on a helicopter tour of Damodar Kunda is typically from March to April and October to November, when the weather is mild and the skies are clear. However, the Damodar Kunda helicopter tour can also be taken in February, June, April, May, and December.

What modes of transportation are used on this tour?

We offer various forms of transportation depending on the nature of the journey. We provide tourist vehicles for city tours, sightseeing, and airport transfers, and we have already reserved air tickets with Simrik Air, Buddha Air, and Yeti Air for the flight between Kathmandu and Pokhara.

What is Damodar Kunda?

Damodar Kunda is a sacred lake located in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal, believed to be a holy site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

How can I reach Damodar Kunda?

The easiest way to reach Damodar Kunda is by taking a helicopter tour from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

How long does the helicopter tour take?

The helicopter tour typically takes around 2-4 hours, including stops for fuel and lunch.

Could someone pick me up from the airport?

Certainly, one of the representatives from the hotel you booked your stay at will be waiting to meet you at the airport and will display your name outside the terminal building. He/She will provide you with private transportation to your accommodation.

Is the helicopter tour to Damodar Kunda safe?

Yes, the helicopter tour is safe as the pilots are experienced and the helicopters are well-maintained.

What are the weather conditions like in Damodar Kunda?

The weather in Damodar Kunda can be unpredictable, with cold temperatures and an occasional snowfall.

Can I hike to Damodar Kunda instead of taking a helicopter tour?

Yes, it is possible to hike to Damodar Kunda, but it is a difficult and challenging trek that requires physical fitness and stamina.

What is the best time to take a helicopter tour of Damodar Kunda?

The best time to take a helicopter tour of Damodar Kunda is from May to October, during the dry season.

Is there a hotel or accommodation near Damodar Kunda?

There are no hotels or accommodations near Damodar Kunda, but camping is allowed in the area.

Do I need a permit to visit Damodar Kunda?

Yes, you need a special permit to visit Damodar Kunda, which can be obtained from the Nepal Tourism Board or a registered trekking agency.

What are the altitude sickness risks while visiting Damodar Kunda?

The altitude of Damodar Kunda poses a risk of altitude sickness. It is recommended to take time to acclimatize and drink plenty of water.

What should I wear for the helicopter tour to Damodar Kunda?

It is recommended to wear warm and comfortable clothing, as the weather can be cold and unpredictable.

Are there any medical facilities near Damodar Kunda?

There are no medical facilities near Damodar Kunda, so it is important to bring any necessary medications or first aid supplies.

Is it possible to take pictures and videos during the helicopter tour?

Yes, it is possible to take pictures and videos during the helicopter tour, but it is recommended to check with the operator for any restrictions.

Are there ATM machines in Nepal?

Yes, there are ATM facilities available in the cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu, which are the places you will be visiting during your tour.

Can I bring food and drinks on the helicopter tour?

Yes, you can bring food and drinks on the helicopter tour, but it is recommended to check with the operator for any restrictions.

Is there any phone or internet connectivity near Damodar Kunda?

No, there is a limited phone and internet connectivity in the area.

Can I fly a drone near Damodar Kunda?

No, flying a drone near Damodar Kunda is not allowed without prior permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

What is the cost of a helicopter tour to Damodar Kunda?

The cost of a helicopter tour to Damodar Kunda varies depending on the operator but generally ranges from USD2,500 to USD3,500.


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