Travel Partner for Company and Events in Nepal

By NepFlights
21 Nov 2014

Nepflights is the rising startup of Nepali Tourism Industry, The joint initiative of young tech enthusiasts and experienced tourism market leader, boasting the online domestic flight booking culture in Nepal. We have built the strong repudiated brand for well operating, organised and professional service delivery. The customized service meet the specific needs of group and event offering excellence in comfortable and affordable travel. Thus, Nepflights can be your travel partner for company and events in Nepal.

Travel Partner for events in Nepal.
If you are doing any event in Nepal and if you need travel partner for any event you are planning to do, our organisation will handle the execution of flight ticket, arrival, local transportation, accommodation, board and social events. Our previous work for other events shows the nonpareil benefits to the organisers, which makes lot of saves in terms of money and time. If you want to know more, write email at

Travel Partner for your business.
If your company required lots of travelling, it would be great deals for you to choose us travel partner. We arrange your trip on any circumstances and provide the way to optimise the travel budget. Read more about Corporate plan : If you want to know more, write email at

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